It’s been 10 days.

I usually check my account balances and keep track of our budget daily during the weekdays. On the weekend, I know the total amount we have to work with for the weekend and try to stick to that amount. The last time I did this was the day before my mom went to the emergency room, which was 10 days ago.

We dropped our mom off at her house last night and met her new caretaker and explained what to watch out for and gave her a list of things to keep in mind when caring for my mom. I felt much better meeting her. She seemed nice and easy going. I hope she’s as caring and professional as she appears. After this, I had some peace of mind to start looking at our finances this morning.

We actually did well financially. I had budgeted extra $100.00 into our budget for last week since Valentine’s day was in the mix. But we didn’t get to go out since we were taking care of my mom. We ate at home with mom, which was nice. Although, on Valentine’s day, she wasn’t feeling well, I had her write love notes for my brother, my husband, and me the day before when she was feeling stronger and pretty lucid. I also had my husband and my brother write one for mom. I wrote one for her too, of course.

I got to read all the notes that she wrote for everyone. She wasn’t eloquent or her handwriting wasn’t perfect, but I can feel so much love from reading her simple words. My husband bought me red roses with money saved from his allowance and we bought mom peach roses. This was the cheapest, but the most special Valentine’s day ever.

The current week’s budget started on Feb 15th and ends this Thursday the 21st. We have extra $200.00 from my estimation of what’s going to be left at the end of Thursday. So, I made an extra student loan payment of $100.00 and $100.00 transfer to our savings. This will be our first $100.00 savings since all of what we had in the savings will be taken out for the tax payment.

This is good news. I wasn’t sure how it was going to be before I started looking at our finances, but it’s good. I needed a win. It’s a small win, but it’s a win never the less.


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