Ran Out of Gas

I thought, only in TV, people run out of gas in the middle of the road and get stuck. Sometimes they get murdered while stranded on the road by a psycho killer and sometimes they run into some awesome people and end up partying all night or find an adventure of some sort. The part where people run out of gas thing actually happened to us on Friday night. But thank God we didn’t get murdered and disappointingly we didn’t run into any adventure. I still can’t believe that actually happened.

My husband and I visited my mom after work last Friday. I got the list of grocery items I needed to get for her from her care taker, so on the way home, we stopped by couple of stores. I used some coupons and bought sale items, so the total spending was not bad. So I was feeling pretty good and we were almost home. I mean we can see the building ahead right there.

All of a sudden, my husband said “uh oh!” while looking at one of the gauges. I was thinking maybe he forgot to get something from the store or he just remembered that he needed an oil change. And then I felt it. I felt the car jerking a little and then it just stopped. I looked at him and he said there’s no gas. Are you kidding me? Really? I was about to get mad, but calmed myself down. I knew how tired he was because he stayed up really late to study the night before. I just gave him my car key and told him to run and take my car to the gas station and get some gas.

10 seconds after my husband left, a cop car showed up and I explained what happened. He was an ass actually. He said “Yeah, that’s why there’s a thing called gas station.” and walked away. Why does he have to be like that? Anyway~~~ My husband showed up couple of minutes later. By then, it started snowing. The weather always knows something unfortunate or bad happens, don’t you think?

He had to buy a gas container and put some gas in it of course just enought to start the engine and get us home. So we ended up wasting our time and ended up spending $25.00 just to get home the last half a block. I’m not happy about that. But since I decided not to get mad at my husband, I’m going to make fun of him for being an idiot.

Lesson for the day: PUT GAS BEFORE YOUR CAR STOPS! and DON’T THINK THESE THINGS WON’T HAPPEN TO YOU. I think most mistakes end up costing you more money.

But I need to remind myself that we were lucky to have this happened right near our house. It could have been a lot worse.


10 thoughts on “Ran Out of Gas

  1. Yes your lucky you were close to home. This happens more often than people think and actually just happened to a friend of mine less than a month ago. Except she thought that she could drive to the “close” stores with the gas light on for two days, lol. It did end up costing her some extra cash that she would not would had to spend otherwise. glad your ok.

    • I was telling one of my friends this and she said this happened to her 3 times on the highway. Her excuse was it was when her baby was only a few months old and she was a wreck dealing with it. Her baby hated being in the car, so I can imagine the chaos happening in the car~^^ Thanks for your concern. Hope this won’t happen again.

  2. What bad luck to run out of gas soclose to your home!!! I completely agree with you about mistakes end up costing more money. I always buy a monthly transit pass and one day I noticed that I had lost it. I don’t know know how long it had been lost since Vancouver’s transit system currently runs on an “honest” system with random police checks. I figured that I would test my luck, go home and check my place one last time before buying a new one for the month. As luck with have it, I got checked that day, so instead of buying a $3.50 ticket for one trip home, I got a fine of $168. FML haha

  3. Man, that was kind of lame of the cop – usually they’re a bit nicer than that. I’ve had that happen once – if you have Triple A, I think they only charge like $5 or something for a gallon to at least get you to the nearest station (though it sounded like the same amount of time for your husband to go to and from the station).

    • We do have roadside assistance, but we were so close to home. It was easier and faster to just do it ourselves.
      I have bad history with cops. I met a few nice ones, but most of them were mean. I don’t see them often since my driving record is clean and I don’t do anything criminal. But even in circumstances where they should be on my side, they make mean comments. Maybe because I don’t flirt with them? I don’t know~

  4. One of my friends is constantly running out of gas. It’s weird – he has a brand new car but just is too lazy to put gas in it. He’s run out in front of our house probably a couple of times. And we’ve had to get him other times too!

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