Wedding Dress and Cake

From my previous post Since I Spent Money Already, Let Me Just Show It Off, I got a request from alwayshungry4 to put more pictures of my wedding dress and the cake.  So this post is dedicated to fulfilling that request.  I really appreciate the request.  I hope everyone enjoys it~^^

I had 2 dresses from my wedding day.  One for the ceremony and one for the reception.  Originally I was going to wear a full princess dress for the ceremony and a mermaid cut for my reception.  But I ended up losing too much weight from the wedding planning stress and the adult braces I got, I just looked like a stick figure wearing a mermaid cut.  So, I ended up wearing the same silhouette.

Oh forgot to mention, I didn’t buy these dresses if that’s what you’re thinking.  I rented both of the dresses.  The same place did hair and make up for me and the bridesmaids.  I also got the groom and groom’s men tuxedos from the same place.  I didn’t want to buy a dress that I couldn’t wear again and if I was going to buy my wedding dress, I would only be able to afford the simplest dress with no embellishment.

Ceremony dress

Ceremony dress

Ceremony dress

Ceremony dress

Reception dress

Reception dress

I got my studio photo shoot done in Korea after my wedding. I wore 3 dresses for that photo session. It was a wonderful experience. I ended up booking a make up artist that does some of the K Pop girl groups and I just loved the way everything turned out.

Studio photo shoot in Korea. Dress 1

Studio photo shoot in Korea. Dress 1

Studio photo shoot in Korea. Dress 1

Studio photo shoot in Korea. Dress 1

Studio photo shoot in Korea. Dress 2

Studio photo shoot in Korea. Dress 2

Studio photo shoot in Korea. Dress 3

Studio photo shoot in Korea. Dress 3

My wedding cake was a strawberry cake with lemon filling that was so moist and flavorful. I wanted a simple design since my whole wedding atmosphere was laid back. I also got a surprise groom’s cake for my groom~ The cake was a chocolate chip cake with strawberry filling. It was so rich with chocolate and fluffy. He loved the cake and the best part was it was a total surprise to him like I wanted it to be.

Wedding cake and groom's cake

Wedding cake and groom’s cake

Surprise groom's cake

Surprise groom’s cake

I apologize for the inconsistency in picture quality. Some of them are from our photographer and some are from my own camera.


19 thoughts on “Wedding Dress and Cake

    • All the pictures I took in Korea look like I’m just standing but I’m telling you, that was a hard work. My back was hurting from twisting my waist so much and the whole sessioin took 5 hours and add 3 hours to that for make up and hair. But it was a wonderful experience and I had a blast~

    • I guess it’s a cultural thing. Most of my Korean friends rent wedding dresses. But it worked out for me since I wanted to wear several different dresses and it turned out to be cheaper too.

  1. The dresses are absolutely gorgeous!! I love dress 1 with all the ruffles, and all of them are so feminine and elegant. You are so tiny, and what a great idea to rent rather than own! Thanks so much for sharing the dress and the cake pics – it looked like such a great time!!

    • Thank you~ I love dress 1 too. That dress especially made me feel like a princess. Thanks for your request. It makes me feel so good to know that someone is interested in my blog.

  2. Oh goodness! You look absolutely beautiful. My cousin got married in China and also had several change of clothing and a full studio photo package. I love wedding pictures – put up more! 🙂

    • When I was at the studio in Korea, we saw a couple from Singapore who flew to Korea just for the wedding studio shoot. Let me see what I can fish up to put up. Thanks~

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  4. Hi Michelle!

    I’m slowly going through your blog posts so do bear with me. First of all, thanks for dropping by, and secondly, congrats on your wedding, I love your dresses and you look so slender! Thirdly, congrats on your blog turning one year old! Cheers to more wonderful years ahead!

    • Thank you Jasmine~ I lost some weight before the wedding due to all the stress involved with wedding planning and I had adult braces. I recommend getting braces for anyone who wants to lose weight. Not you of course since you’re already slender.

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