I Don’t Have Anything to Wear~

I like fashion like most other women in the world.  But ever since I was little, I wore hand me downs that don’t quite fit right and the style was a decade old from when the clothes were actually handed down to me.  I’m the oldest child in our immediate family, so the hand me downs were from my cousins or my mom’s friends kids or where ever she can get free clothes from.

In my 20s, I was still broke and I only focused on buying the cheapest things that I can get, so the quality was never taken into consideration when buying clothes.  I had random cheap stuff in my closet that I should’ve only worn one season, but I stretched them to 4-5 years.  I got used to only buying cute, cheap, and random stuff here and there, now that I’m in my 30s, I don’t have a decent wardrobe and I don’t know how to build one either.

Since all I had are cheap and random trendy out of trend clothes, I knew I needed to buy classic items with good quality so I can wear them for a long time and they won’t go out of style.  These classic items can be paired with different accessories and trendy items to create different looks.  But where do I start?  What are classic items?  What are must-have basic wardrobe items?

I searched and looked at numerous lists with titles like “10 must-have staple pieces for your wardrobe”, “25 must-have wardrobe essentials”, and etc.  Then I started making my own list with items on these lists I found and added things that I thought would last a long time in terms of quality and style.  Wow~ the list became super long.  I would have to spend a few thousand dollars to build a “basic” wardrobe.  Since I was going for classic stuff, there were a lot of stuff in black.  I can go to a funeral every week for months~ and I hate funerals!

In any case, let me list the stuff I came up with, so you can tell me what’s missing or what I could take out.  Help would be much appreciated especially if you can tell me names of stores for specific items on the list.  You might fall asleep with this boring list, but if you already read this much, I’m going to assume you’ll stick it out until the end~^^

Tops and dresses: silk blouse, cashmere sweater or cardigan, good quality t-shirt, well tailored suit, polo shirt, silk camisole, long over-sized wrap cardigan, cable knit sweater, crisp white button down shirt, gingham or plaid button down shirt, shirt dress, little black dress, over-sized sweater

Bottoms: well fitted black pants, white skinny jeans, black pencil skirt, A-line skirt, well fitted dark skinny jeans, black leather leggings or pants, denim shorts, denim skirt, khaki trousers, well fitted light skinny jeans

Outerwear: classic mid-length coat, well fitted white and black blazer, trench coat, shawl

Accessories: leopard print scarf, black opaque tights, over-sized watch, statement necklace, pearl necklace and pearl studs, diamond studs, casual tote, evening clutch, wide leather belt, skinny colored belt

Shoes: loafers, black and cream pumps, black ankle boots, black and bright colored flats, black ankle strap open-toe heels, colored Toms, black knee-high boots, brown riding boots

I have a few items from the list currently, but that’s it.  It’ll take a long time to build this wardrobe, but I think I need to start.  I’m in my thirties wearing old or kiddy stuff.  And I need to start getting my clothes altered to fit me better especially suits and pants.  I’ve been just wearing pants that I drag or jackets that look too big because I didn’t want to pay alteration fee.  It’s so weird how all this time, I’d spend hundreds of dollars on eating out a month and not buy a decent clothes not even for work.

What are your essential wardrobe items?  Do you currently have all those items?


12 thoughts on “I Don’t Have Anything to Wear~

  1. I have some of those things, but most of my wardrobe is fairly casual. Most of my classics that have lasted through the years tend to be from Banana Republic, Ann Taylor, and J. Crew – if it’s just after season, you might be able to get some good deals that you can wear for the next season. I tailor almost everything since I’m fairly short – I think it makes things last longer, especially pants, since the hem doesn’t drag on the ground.

    • I totally agree with you on tailoring. I need to be smart about this. I don’t understand my own logic that I was using regarding clothes, so here I am trying to be a grown up.
      I’ve been looking at J Crew website a lot lately to find soom goodies.

  2. I’m right there with you, I have ZERO wardrobe. I’m not huge into fashion but just don’t invest in myself as much as I should. I’m in the process of losing weight (baby weight+ a little more) so once I get to goal I plan on buying some stuff because it’s embarrassing the lack of wardrobe I have. if I had to go to an event that requires anything beyond my 2 pairs of pants (jeans and yoga pants) I couldn’t go haha. It’s super lame.

    • haha~ I wear the same thing over and over too. I don’t even have yoga pants. I have this stretched out and too big for my body sweat pants from 8 years ago~ I don’t even know why I’m laying out these embarrassing details. But you understand, right? ^^

  3. Personally I find J. Crew to be a bit of a scam in general, but they are better than Forever 21, The Gap, Old Navy, and a whole host of other places.

    For all of those pieces, I can find you everything for each, but the problem is that I don’t buy anything from China and I tend to like custom-made or tailored items.

    My best tip would be to buy something nice that you like in your budget, go slow, and then get it tailored to fit perfectly.

    • Yeah, I’d have to go slow and I’m going to tailor my stuff from now on. I promise~**
      I do like J Crew though, but pricey for my budget. I go to the j crew outlet or j crew factory website to scavenge hunt.

  4. Oh my, what a list! I have some things but not even close to half the things on there lol. And I’m a recovering shopaholic too! I can’t stress the importance of alterations enough! Even if your clothes are cheap, if it fits you like a glove then you will look like a million bucks! Confidence is also the sexiest accessorie any women can wear I think 😉

    • I guess my thought process was why spend money to alter when you can buy another cheap item with that money? Now I know that this kind of logic doesn’t really do anything for my wardrobe. I need to find a good seamstress to alter my stuff since I’m short and skinny.

  5. For classic pieces, I always scour the sales racks at J. Crew and Banana Republic, but they can still be too expensive for my budget. For cashmere, you should take a look at Lord and Taylor (the Bay carries them in Canada). My fave black tights come from Jockey or Joe Fresh. Check out Hautelook for deals on shoes and wear-to-work dresses, I got a great pair of brown boots from that site. Also, ASOS can be quite cheap for nice looking dresses (sorry, not sure what the quality is like from ASOS but I’ve heard good things). White House Black Market is awesome, and Zara has some great pants/leggings. I have got SO much use out of my leopard print scarf and my blazers – you will not regret it. I actually found my scarf at Forever21 – they are all over the place now. As for a good quality blazer, I prefer Club Monaco to Banana Republic personally. I got a beautiful watch (similar to the Michael Kors style) at Macy’s for $30. Nice pieces don’t have to be expensive! 🙂

    Hope that helps!

    • This is a great help!! I never shop at Lord and Taylor, but now I will definitely check them out and I only buy shoes and skincare from Macy’s, but I’ll have to look into some accessories there too. I never shopped at ASOS or Hautelook and I’ll be sure to add them to my list. I do like Zara, but I hate going out to the city for their store. But next time, I’m there I’ll be stopping by Zara.
      Thanks for the detail tips~^^

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