Expected Unexpected Expenses

The past couple of months of saving money and paying down debt has been pretty good. If you’re looking only at the amount, it’s not that big of a deal. But the fact that we’re following a budget and controlling our urges to shop for clothes that don’t go with other items and various other useless things have been a real confidence booster.

I found errors in my budget this weekend though. I mean I forgot to account for expected expenses in my budget, so now they’re unexpected expenses. My hubby’s MBA program semester is broken down into 2 parts. The first part of spring semester just ended. You know what this means? It means, he needs new books. So that’s a couple of hundred dollars that I should’ve known to work into my budget but totally forgot about.

My hubby’s car oil change was another I found. His car requires oil change every 10,000 miles, so it’s a little more expensive than my car. So there’s another $90.00 I had to find to pay for this. Why couldn’t he tell me a few weeks before so I don’t have to scramble to find this money on top of his book money. urgg~~~ It’s not really his fault, but it makes it easier to move on if you blame it on someone else~ (is that bad?)

So where can I find money in my budget to pay for these without using a credit card for our emergency fund that is very very modest? Well, my hubby offered to not get allowance this week since his school is out anyway. So there’s $60.00 (he pleaded with me a week and a half ago to raise it back to $60 from $40 and I gave in). I put aside $70.00 for a face cream, but I can last a couple of weeks with all the samples that I collected. So that’s $130.00 total. We got a 15% coupon from his car dealership, so we can save about $15.00 on his car oil change. We will go over our budget for this week still, but not as much as I thought initially.

Have you guys ended up having unexpected expenses because you forgot to account for expected expenses?  How did you make up the amount?


5 thoughts on “Expected Unexpected Expenses

  1. Ouch, $90 is a lot for an oil change! Is it because of the type of oil that’s used? I’ve put in a misc. line item, but so far it’s mostly being used for going out when people visit. Unfortunately it just means putting in less for my debt repayment.

    • $90.00 for the type of oil and the amount of oil since he goes every 10,000.
      I don’t track my budget category by category. I have a set of living expense amount for grocery, gas, misc shopping and etc. Usually I don’t spend the full $100 grocery budget and stuff and there’s a little breathing room, but this week since I had to buy some expensive items, such as 10lb bag of rice, kimchi etc, there was no wiggle room. I’ll be ok though~^^

  2. I don’t properly budget, but if I did, I agree with Anna in using a misc. category in the budget spreadsheet. Anything that doesn’t get used in misc. that month can be used on clothes and shoes errrrrr I meant to say towards debt repayment 😉

    • haha~ At least you’re catching yourself~**
      I usually have a little misc amount built in to our weekly budget, but we already went over and used that for our grocery this week because we went over on our grocery. The misc budget wouldn’t have been enough for our “unexpected” spending anyway~ It’s all good~

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