Things You Won’t Let Go

I’m still at a point where I need to look at my spreadsheet over and over again to scrutinize my expenses to figure out where I could cut to save a dollar here and a dollar there. I’m still trying to tweak my budget to find the right balance. In doing this, I’m at times exhausted thinking about what to cut, where to save, what to skimp on.

So today, I wanted to talk about what I won’t skimp on and what I won’t let go. I already shared one thing that I decided not to skimp on, but gave into this financial pressure, which is skin care products. I won’t be doing that again since I feel the affect of going cheap on my face. I’m actually going to go shopping for a moisturizer and an anti-aging serum this weekend.

Let me just list a few things that I won’t go cheap on. Some people may disagree, but everyone’s preference is different and more importantly, I need some of this to keep my sanity.

Tithing: I need to remind myself that all this is given by God and not mine to hoard. God will do His glorious work and I want to obey Him.

Classic clothing items: I mentioned about how I don’t have anything to wear and need to build a better wardrobe that will last. No more shopping amongst bubbly teens to get a shirt while acting like I’m buying for my niece at Hollister or Forever 21 (only sometimes~^^).

Mom: I mentioned in my earlier post my financial snapshop that I pay for my mom’s rent and bills. No change of mind there either. She’s been sick for a long time and one of the few things that I can do is free up her small amount of money that she has to do what she likes. Most of her money goes to churches, charity organizations and us. Since she can’t serve physicially at her church, it gives her joy to be able to help financially and since she can’t cook for us, it gives her joy to take us out for dinner once in awhile.

Hair: As much as it pains me to shell out $150 -$250 everytime I go to a hair salon, I can’t give it up. This amount is not for a hair cut. I have a very thick ugly wavypoofy hair that I need to do something with. Otherwise I look like a crazy lion who’s been banging its head at a jungle rock concert or something ridiculous like that. I either get a Japanese magic straightening perm or a digital perm. All my Korean friends have fine straight hair, but I don’t know why mine is so different. Anyway~ I’m keeping this.

No store brands: I don’t like buying store brand items. I treid some and I didn’t like it. It may be that it’s all in my head, but I still don’t want it. If I find regular brand names on sale with coupons, the savings are better anyway. I just need to put a little effort into it.

These are the big ones that I came up with. Maybe in the future, my priorities might change and this list will have to be updated. But for now, these are on my list.

What are your must have things that you can’t skimp on? and Why?


6 thoughts on “Things You Won’t Let Go

  1. I can’t skimp on my:
    -shampoo and conditioner for hair
    -Starbucks (but I cut back on how often I go)
    -purses (as you can see from my last post lol)
    -cell phone plan (I call long distance to my family)
    – wardrobe staples
    Ugh this list is getting too long 😛

    • I should care about the kind of shampoo and conditioner that I use, but I can’t pay more than $5 per bottle. I complain about how my hair’s not silky but I don’t buy nice ones. It’s my fault~
      I’m not goig to buy bags for a long time. I have a several that I keep in the closet most of the times. I’m going to wait until I pay down the loans to buy new bags and use the ones that I have already until then.

  2. I don’t think your list is unreasonable, though I don’t mind store brand canned goods, paper towels, aspirin, etc. I’m actually writing a bit about that for my next PF post. I really like my certain hair and skin products, though, and won’t skimp on that. And I love designer jeans, though I can probably cut that out if I had to.

    • The most expensive pair of jeans I bought was from Guess. I don’t even know the designer jean names that are out there. But I’m ok with that right now. When it’s time to buy a well fitted jeans, maybe I’ll look into it~

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