My First Car

Even though I talk about my debt and lack of savings all the time, I am much spoiled than I used to be growing up.  I shop more often, I put better stuff on my face, I go out to restaurants more, go out more, and travel more.  One more thing is that I drive a better car now.  It’s not a fancy car but a reliable car that I have no worries about getting stuck on the side of the road.  I drive a 2010 Toyota Camry.  I bought it new and thus no problem with it yet and not anytime soon.  But my first car was a disaster.  Although it took me to places, it was really something.  I wanted to talk today about all the problems I had with my first car to appreciate my current car that doesn’t have those problems.

I got my first car at the end of high school junior year.  It was a 1989 Hyundai Sonata my mom bought it for $800 if I remember it correctly.  The first problem was that the engine sometimes wanted to start and sometimes didn’t.  During the winter time, I’d be sitting in the car shivering for 10-20 minutes praying before trying to start the engine over and over.  Of course, in the summer, I’d be sweating in the car hitting the steering wheel out of frustration.

Second problem was that the car produced so much smoke that when my car was stopped at a red light or a stop sign, the atmosphere was like a cheap horror movie called Fog I saw long long time ago.  There’d be a thick haze of smoke everywhere.  I was super embarrassed, so I’d speed up as soon as the light turned green to get out of there and of course, my car wouldn’t move fast enough for me.  urgggg~~~  I don’t even know how my car passed the emission test, but I drove that thing for a couple of years before I got into a car accident.

Third big problem was that the car had the heater on all the time!!!!! I couldn’t turn it off, so in the middle of summer, I’d physically roll down the windows (didn’t do much with the heat, but it helped me breathe a little better) and it’d be like a sauna in there.  My underwear would be soaked in sweat and it was not a good look for me with so much grease and sweat on my face.  yuck!

Another problem was that because I had no control over the heater or the air conditioner, the windshield fogged up quite severely.  I had a hand towel handy to wipe it every chance I got.  It really didn’t work that well and I looked like a dork doing it.

Although it was hard for a teenage girl to drive this dinky car with so many problems, looking back, I kind of miss it.  I mean, not the car, but the innocent me who was able to drive a piece of crap and be happy with the fact that she had a vehicle to take her to her part time job and to the mall with her best friend.  I was envious of some of my friends who were driving Integra or Prelude or some even had Mercedez and BMW.  But I knew our situation and didn’t really compare myself to them.  Recently, I was kind of getting sick of my boring silver Camry, but I need to remind myself to be thankful and overall, my life has improved tremendously.

What was your first car? Did you have a nice car or did you have a crappy car like me?



4 thoughts on “My First Car

  1. Oh man, that car sounds like it was a challenge! I actually still have my first car since I was 23 – 1997 Honda Accord. It looks completely beat up, but I’m hoping it makes it through this year so I can save enough to get a new (used) car. I agree Toyota Camry’s are great – my bf has one and it purrs like a kitten!

    • Wow~ You’re still driving your first car? I’m on my fifth car due to buying the wrong used car that kept breaking down on me and getting into huge accidents.
      My family’s sick of Camry, because my husband had one and my brother had one. But it gets the job done well without any headache. I’m hoping this will last another decade without any major repairs.

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