Men’s Hair

Everyone knows women could spend a lot of money on their hair, skin care, shoes, bags, clothes, and etc. Not everyone spends a ton of money on personal care, but they sure can quickly add up. But we usually don’t expect men to drop a pretty big chunk of money for their personal care and I’m specifically talking about their hair. Well, I didn’t at least. So after I married my hubby and told him I can color his hair at home instead of spending money at the salon, I was quite shocked to find that my offer got rejected.

Here’s how much he spends on his hair.
Bi weekly hair cut with tip $30.00
Quarterly hair color with tip $60.00

It’s not much in the big scheme of things, but I thought saving around $200.00 annually for hair coloring at home was worth not going to the hair salon. Especially since he gets a hair cut every other week. His reasons for getting hair color at the salon are that he had a bad at-home hair color experience before and he doesn’t want to stop going to a hair salon just because he’s a man. (I may have said something about him being too picky for a guy and should just do it at home.)

I guess I’m used to seeing my brother color and cut his own hair most of his life that I feel like what my hubby’s paying for his hair is waste of money. I used to color my own hair all the time and there was no problem. I just want him to let me try once to see that it’s not going to mess up his hair or make it fall out or whatever he’s thinking that might happen.

Do you guys think I’m being too cheap to my hubby? How much do you pay for men’s hair cut or hair color?


11 thoughts on “Men’s Hair

  1. I’d be more than happy to have my hair cut at home, but my girlfriend is too scared to do the cutting at home. Back when I used to color my hair I’d get it done at the salon as well. I had my mom color my hair once at home and my head looked like a pumpkin, I was mortified. I spend about $20 per cut including tip, but I only go once or twice per quarter. I usually just let it grow out and reteach myself how to style it as it goes.

    • I used to cut my brother’s hair when we were in high school, but I can understand my hubby not wanting a hair cut from me since I was never really good at it. haha~
      $20.00 per hair cut is not bad. I think my hubby’s just used the same guy that’s been doing his hair for 6 years.

  2. I usually only spend $50 a couple of times a year on a haircut- I used to color and will probably do more once I start getting a lot of grays, but I haven’t in awhile. My bf only gets a haircut every couple of months at $35, he doesn’t color, but I tend to think gray hair makes a man look distinguished so I like it. 🙂 I do agree that he should at least try it once at home, and if he doesn’t like it then lesson learned. I think there could be good potential savings with diy hair color!

    • I don’t particularly like grey hair unless you’re over 50 or something. My hubby and my younger brother have a lot of grey hair since junior high or something. Thank God, I only found 2 so far.

      • Ooh, an ex had that, too! I get that, then… but I still think at home would be more cost effective? But who knows… every time my bf points one out, I get so sad! Like unreasonably sad haha

  3. Whoa! That’s quite a bit for hair cuts ever two weeks (that’s what biweekly means, right? not 2X per week?). I guess I don’t have the graying problem yet, but I’ll probably just let it gray when it happens. I think $30 for a dude’s haircut is a little much, and I don’t know why he can’t just do it once a month…

    • Yes, I meant every other week. Not on the dot, but he tries to since his hair does get quite messy because it’s a little wavy and very thick. But I agree, $30.00 for men’s hair cut is on the pricy side.

  4. Wow $30! My haircut and wash is $10 and I give a nice $4 tip…so $14 total. I like to keep my hair short, but go monthly, sometimes after 3 weeks if I really want to look nice for something. Sadly, I am started to get some white hairs but I don’t color my hair. Actually for your husband, it doesn’t seem to make sense to color it if he cuts every 2 weeks….I dunno?

    • I don’t mind him getting a frequent hair cut since his hair does get messy quite fast and I also like it very clean cut, but I just think him getting a salon hair color is not necessary. He does have a lot of grey hair, so I do like it colored. I just need to convince him to let me try once to find out that it’ll be fine. I don’t why he’s so scared to do it at home.

  5. I cut my own hair. My husband does not allow me to cut his though! He doesn’t spend much on his haircuts, so I think that’s just fine! I guess I don’t think that gender has much to do with it. I’d say that if you cut and color your own hair, then you’ve probably got a pretty good argument that he should do the same, but if you’re spending money at the salon, it’s only fair that he can too! My sister used to always say that it’s okay to spend a lot of money on hair, because you wear it every day! 🙂

    • I do get my hair done at the salon, but I recently switched to a place that’s charging less. I just thought that he might try a different option to lower the bill, since I can do the hair color at home for him.

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