Almost Had to Use Our Emergency Fund

It’s good that we humans can develop habits and sort of do things without thinking about how to do them. We go on auto pilot mode and do things to free up our brain to think of other things. This should not be done while driving. Last week, I was driving home and I was almost there. So close to getting home safe and sound. At the last minute, I scratched a parked car trying to park my own car next to it. It was such a light bump that I wasn’t sure if it happened until I got out and checked. It was mostly my car paint on the other car and the other car’s paint on my car. But after I wiped the paint smudges, I still saw little scratches on both cars. I kept wiping the other car as if this repetitive circular motion will magically blend and make the scratches disappear.

I stopped after a few try and left a note on the other car’s windshield with my phone number on it. I came home and e-mailed someone I know who works at an auto body shop with a picture I took of the other car. I needed to know the dollar range of the damage I caused, so I know what to expect. As far as he could tell from the picture I sent, he said it’ll be between $300-500. I was upset and couldn’t understand what I was thinking at the time. I mean, it’s obvious I wasn’t thinking, but I still.

Since I didn’t get a phone call that night, I knew this person didn’t go out after she/he got home, more specifically after I hit the car. I was expecting a call the next morning and the call didn’t come. I was getting anxious, because I wanted to just get this over with. In the afternoon, I thought maybe the note flew away and the person was cursing me thinking I hit and ran. I hated that this person would think I’d just run away after hitting a car. This was all just in my head, but I was agonizing over my own imagination. So I was going to find that car and leave another note after work. Around 5:30pm before I left work, I got a call from a number I don’t recognize. I picked up and it was the other car’s owner. I got all excited since I’ve been waiting for this phone call all night and all day.

I was trying to get to the business right away and talk about getting an estimate and move things along and surprisingly, she said don’t worry about it. Uh~ come again? She said she wouldn’t even have noticed the scratches if I didn’t leave a note. She even thanked me for leaving a note. I was pleasantly surprised and relieved. We were going to use our emergency fund for the first time since we made such a thing this year.

Overall, I’m very thankful. I’m thankful that in my auto pilot mode, I didn’t get into an accident where people, including myself, could’ve been hurt. I’m thankful that she didn’t try to take advantage of me and try to get her other scratches fixed. I’m thankful that I know for sure that EF is a must have. I’m thankful that we didn’t have to touch our EF.

Did you hit or get hit by another car in a parking lot? If so, did you or the other person leave a note? How did this issue get resolved? Did you have to use your emergency fund?


8 thoughts on “Almost Had to Use Our Emergency Fund

  1. Aww that is so nice of the car owner. And yes, my car has been hit over 15 times. 2 times my car was parked and I saw it happen, the other times they drove away. GAH! I have had really bad luck, luckily I don’t have that car anymore and since then nothing has happened.

    • You got rid of the unlucky car and got a lucky one. Good for you.
      My car has scratches front and back from people scratching and leaving. Hopefully, no more of this indecency.

  2. Every “accident” I’ve been in except one has been in a parking lot. Usually we both walk away with a small ding or tiny scratches in the paint. Every time both parties chose not to worry about it. It’s amazing how nice some people can be, and I’m glad the person on the other end of the phone was so kind. Isn’t it funny how things start happening more and more in your favor when you have an EF ready to go?

  3. That’s really kind of you to leave a note – I’ve had my car damaged and they didn’t leave a note, which is disappointing. Glad to hear things worked out, as well – she seems really understanding!

    • Yes, I’m so glad I have a nice neighbor. My car suffers from people damaging and leaving without a note too. I didn’t fix them since I keep getting scratches. Maybe I’ll fix them before I sell it way down the road.

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