Second One Down!!

My second student loan has been paid off~!! I’m doing backflips and tumblings in my head and only in my heand since I can’t even do a cart wheel in real life. This was another tiny loan I kept with me for years like it’s my best friend. It feels good to see that zero on my spreadsheet and loan status reading paid off on the student loan servicer website. Pat on the back for me~^^

Now for the bad news for the May budget, we dodged a bullet when I scratched a parked car last week and the owner wanted to forget about it. But my hubby’s tire decided to rupture on us. We replaced both two front tires since they were old anyway, which costed us $311.44 (2 tires from Tire Rack $186.07 + Sears installation/alignment $125.37). We did have some money saved up for new tires, but not enough which is why we went over our budget. We need to continue to save to replace my hubby’s back tires and all my 4 tires by November this year.

Another category we went over budget was my hubby’s school books. I complained before about how I completely forgot to budget for his school text books and materials. So I started to put money aside for this summer term, but was a little short. We put aside $160.00, but the actual spending was $191.87.

We did go over budget in May, but all in all, it wasn’t too bad and that second paid off student loan brought my spirit up. I’m going to enjoy this moment since it’ll be a little longer wait until the next student loan gets paid off. The amounts are getting bigger and bigger.

How did your May budget go? Did any unexpected expense come up?
How’s your debt payoff plan coming along?


10 thoughts on “Second One Down!!

  1. Congrats on paying off that second student loan. Our budget for the months had a few minor adjustments but for the most part we were able to stay on track. Right now with the new mortgage the only thing we need to focus on is paying off student loans.

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