Summer Vacation

As everyone knows, today’s the first day of Summer and where I am right now, the weather is gorgeous~ It’s sunny, breezy, and not humid yet. It will get humid very soon, so I need to enjoy this beautiful day as much as possible. I see that a lot of my blog friends have been posting about what they’re going to do in the summer. They have their summer reading list, summer to do list, summer bucket list, summer vacation list, and etc. I don’t usually plan for the summer other than one big vacation. This year however, since the inception of debt paydown plan, we decided not to take a big vacation. But that doesn’t mean we’re only going to stay in our condo eating ice cream and waste the Summer away.

I decided to come up with realistic mini vacation ideas that we can do without interrupting our current budget for this year. To be honest, I don’t think I can keep this thing going if I don’t have any fun. We need to give ourselves treats and some time to decompress. So here are the things I came up with for my hubby and I specifically.

1. Virginia Beach

My husband’s from VA beach area and his mother and his brother still live down there, which is around 4 hours away from where we live right now. Not right by the beach, but 30 min drive away from there. We can visit my mother in law and the lodging will be free. She’ll love that we’re visiting and she’ll cook us homemade goodies, which I’m really looking forward to. We’ll play at the beach during the day and she has a friend who owns a fish market, so we can get cheap and fresh seafood. So we just need money for gas, a gift for her, and seafood. Maximum we’ll spend will be $150.00. We can leave on Friday night after work and play all day Saturday and come back Sunday after going to my mother in law’s church.

2. Atlantic City Trip

Last year, we bought a deal from groupon for one of the hotels in AC for one night stay with $50.00 food credit. We got there and played some games, ate at a buffet, and drank at a bar. The next day, we played a little more and went shopping with the money we won. We ended up spending around $300.00 total. That was including gas, tolls, shopping, food, drinks, gambling, accomodation, and taxi. I’m not counting on winning some money again, but I’ll definitely be looking out for some good hotel deals. We’re not going shopping this time around even if we win, so I think we’re safe.

3. Cabin Trip

Few years ago, we took a cabin trip with several other people to the Shannandoah Valley area during the fall foliage. We took our own food and cooked there. We brought our own games and played there. We went to a golf range out in the mountains, which was so beautiful and fun to be on top of the mountain hill looking down and trying to hit tiny golf balls. If I was at a regular golf range, I would’ve been very frustrated and gave up. But something about the nature calmed me down. Total trip costed around $200.00 per couple, which was including food, lodging, gas, and golf range fee. We can gather 2 or 3 other couples and rent a cabin near a lake or a beach. Beach houses are more expensive, so most likely near a lake or something. We might have to push this trip to the early Fall since it’s more expensive during the Summer.

4. Camping Trip

One good thing about living in Northern Virginia area is that we’re close the city, Washington DC, and we’re also not too far away from the mountains. There are nearby hiking trails and camping grouds. We’re both not too hard core about camping or outdoorsy stuff, so we need electricity and air matresses~^^ Some people might call that cheating, but we’re not trying to learn survival skills, we’re just trying to have some fun. My brother in law has a tent that he’s not using, so we can borrow that from him. We had an air mattress that we can’t remember what we did with, so we need to look for that. We can ask other couples to come with or we can just go ourselves. We can estimate around $100.00 with camping site fee, gas, and food. A few years ago, we went camping at a place 30 min away from our house and it was a good thing we stayed so close, because we had to come home as soon as the sun rose since I wasn’t feeling so well.

These are our options and depending on exactly what we end up spending on each mini vacay, we may only be able to do two. Maybe we can do more if we can get great deals and come up with extra money. But I feel better about having some kind of vacation plans instead of thinking, we’re not going any where this year. How depressing is that?

Where are you guys going for Summer vacation? What’s your budget for that?


3 thoughts on “Summer Vacation

  1. You have some great options for your mini vacations. I agree you have to take a break and treat yourself to a little fun and relaxation every no and then. Really liking the budget. For the summer we plan on visiting family about 3 hours away and trying to visit Key West for a change. Every year we say we are going to go and never go.

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