H Mart and DC Fish Market

Our weekly grocery budget is $100.00. We sometimes use it all when we have to buy an expensive item like rice (30lb bag) or other bulk items. Most of the times, we have a little left over that we allocate to misc. We mostly shop at H mart for their fresh produce and variety of specialty items and the rest of the grocery items at Safeway. Unless you go to the local farmer’s market, H mart is the best place to get fresh fruits and veggies for very cheap, well at least in my area.

We signed up for H mart rewards card last year without even knowing what rewards we get and how to even use it. We’ve been using the coupon packets that they mail monthly to our house in conjunction with special H mart card holder sales. But I finally got my lazy behind to the customer service desk and asked how the rewards system works. So this is how it works. Each dollar I spend equals to 1 point and every 1,000 points can be traded for $10.00 gift certificate. So I got $30.00 gift certificate that I used for this week’s grocery, which came out to be $18 and some change after the coupon savings, h mart card holder sale, and the gift certificate.

This savings worked out perfectly for us since we decided to venture out to DC for some fresh seafood Sunday afternoon. I usually don’t like going out to DC, because I’m lazy, the parking situation is tricky, and we always end up spending a lot of money. But this time we went to the fish market and got some fresh oysters and clams for less than $35.00. We got a dozen and a half of fresh oysters and a half dozen fresh clams with a drink. They were so delicious and juicy. They just shuck it right there for you. And we found a convenient street parking spot right when we got there without driving around forever. All in all, it was a fun day out without going over budget.

I should be more active and take advantage of the great area I live in. Saying that I’m on a budget is a terrible excuse since there are plenty of things I can do without spending a lot of money. I’ll be sure to post about my exploration of my own area that I don’t really know after living here for 20 years.

What rewards program do you use? Do you like fresh oysters or do you love it like I do?


6 thoughts on “H Mart and DC Fish Market

  1. I’ve actually never had oysters or clams (though I do love mussels), but I do know they’re expensive and that’s a great deal that you got!! Congrats! We probably spend about the same amount for food, and I do the same thing with stocking up on staples like rice and flour – we both love to eat! 🙂

    • You should try some fresh oysters. As a true foodie, just try it once and see if you like it. It’s so~~ good. I had to make sure I had lunch before I went there, otherwise, I would’ve had 3-4 dozens by myself easily.

  2. I didn’t know HMart had a rewards card. I’ll have to check that out. I don’t usually go there as it is not as convenient as other stores but I do like them…they often have free samples of different foods and I get to try new and different things which I often end up getting.

  3. Sign me up for all forms of seafood! Love it! I mostly use the rewards programs for different credit cards we have, and rotate depending on what card has the best reward for the purchase.

    • I try not to use my credit card anymore since I don’t want to go back to the credit card cycle I finally got out of. This was sort of a surprise since I wasn’t really thinking about it or knew about t.

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