I Did It Again.

I finally did it again. I swore I’ll never sign up for it again. Not because I don’t need it, but because I know that I’m just a lazy bum who won’t commit myself to it. Well, I’m talking about gym membership here. I signed up for a gym membership last week and as predicted, haven’t worked out since. I did have a good excuse for a few days since I got sick and didn’t even go to work. But now that I’m feeling better and reading all the hard working PF bloggers who also work out a lot, I’m feeling pressured. I’m mostly talking about Anna from Are You Gonna Eat That? She’s a running enthusiast and has a hardcore monthly fitness goal that I’m just amazed how she reaches every month.

Before I go on and on about my guilt and regret, let’s talk about the cost since this blog is about my personal finance afterall. My younger brother’s company sponsors their employees and their families for gym memberships at Xsport.

– No registration fee or cancelation fee
– Reduced monthly due of $35.00 person
– All their classes, swimming pool, sauna, 24 hour facility usage included

This doesn’t sound too bad if you take advantage of all that’s available. I sound like I already gave up, but that’s not my intention. I am just worried since I have a previous track record of wasting 3 years with Bally’s. I went to work out less than 10 times during the 3 years they wouldn’t cancel my contract. That was just pitiful. I need to really work out for my health. I’m aching everywhere all the time and I’m so out of shape that I run out of breath for going up one floor by taking the stairs.

I am petite, so when I talk about working out, even though I never actually do, people always give me a hard time about how I don’t need to lose weight and that I’m just talking crazy. I never said I wanted to lose weight and exercising is not only for losing weight, it’s for general health as well. Skinny doesn’t mean healthy, but people assume that and they yell at me for saying anything about food or exercise, which I think is descrimination. Forgive me if I sound a little too upset, but I have not been able to say anything regarding this since people have been sushing me all the time.

I went off topic a little bit, but getting back on track. Since I’m over thirty and already signed up and paid for my first month gym membership, I need to forget my lazy past and form a better habit and behavior like I’ve been doing with my financial life. I have to do the same thing with my physical health as well. Hopefully, I won’t be writing about how I cancelled my membership and it was a total waste. I’m looking forward to writing about how I’m starting to like this exercising thing that people have been talking about and how I feel different for the better.

Do you guys have any tip for me as a work out beginner? What do you guys do to stay healthy that’s also budget friendly?


21 thoughts on “I Did It Again.

  1. I think this is great that you decided to join the gym again (no one can deny the health benefits)! I wish I could do that but paying so much money and signing up for 4-12 months puts me off. Personally, I choose a cheaper alternative like jogging or a DVD workout. I should have started today, but it is so damn hard to get back into routine. Good luck with your workouts!

    • I still have the pilates DVD that my co worker let me borrow that I didn’t even touch since I got it. I’m going to give it back to her and since my brother said he’ll work out with me once a week, it’ll be a great help starting out. Let’s both start working out, ok? ^^

  2. I run, I lift weights, and I stretch. Exercise is something I’ve been doing for a long time and it’s become a habit, something I just need to do.

    Exercising SUCKS when you first start. You’re body naturally wants to do the easiest thing possible, and that is to not exercise. Believe me, I have mini-struggles every day where my mind is telling me to take the day off. I have to drag myself some days to go exercise. Once I’m exercising, it’s all good and I feel great. It’s about getting started.

    I think the best thing you could do is to take small steps. Make small goals that are easy to accomplish. Your first day at this gym, you will walk on the treadmill for 10 minutes. Your second day, you will do 11 minutes and maybe use 1 weight machine. Etc, etc.

    Make the initial goals easy. Complete those easy goals, check them off, and gain some momentum to build up to more ambitious goals.

    That’s my advice ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Aww, thanks for the mention! I love my gym, but realize it’s not for everyone – that being said, I hope you stick with it since I think it’s a great investment in health! What helped me was an old trick I learned in motivating me to get to classes in college – every day or class I missed, meant a raised cost per use for the class or gym time use. I have better peace of mind knowing I spent $1/day for my gym monthly dues, rather than $5/day. Maybe it appeals to my cheapskate nature, but it usually does the trick. Good luck with your workouts – keep posting about it, I’m eager to read it! ๐Ÿ™‚ And for beginners, I think having a trainer (at least to show you the ropes for a couple of workouts) might be a good start so you know proper form and technique!

    • I went to workout on Saturday with my brother and my hubby. I went slow and didn’t do too much in case I scare myself off and never come back. I felt like a loser going there on Saturday night nothing else to do, but there were more people than I expected. Mostly hardcore weight lifters with huge bodies.
      Trainer fee’s too expensive for me now, but my brother’s pretty good at this thing so he’ll come with me once a week to show me some moves and how to use their machines.
      Thanks for the tips~^^

  4. I too have recently signed up for a 24 hour gym and the flexibility is amazing! The one negative thing is that if you are not motivated, then you can always tell yourself you will go later as it never closes… sometimes later never comes ! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  5. Oh, I hear ya!

    We let our gym membership lapse because we couldn’t make it there with the two little kids. Now we just exercise outside. I’ve thought about renewing my membership now that I work from home and have more time during the day. I may do it but I’m going to wait until it gets cold outside again.

    • I’m sure you still get a lot of work out from chasing and carrying your little kids. I really needed the gym membership since my back’s pratically glued to the couch after I’m done with cooking and cleaning after dinner.

    • Maybe when exercising becomes a habit, I can quit the gym and work out at home. But at this point, I need to be separted from home and be forced to do it. It’s sad, but what can I do. It’s so great that you can do it. I need time to form a better habit.

  6. That actually sounds like a really good gym and the price includes classes and a swimming pool. I really wanted to get into swimming as I think it is great exercise. My wife wanted to go when she was pregnant but not many gyms have them or they were very expensive.

  7. I learned my expensive $600 lesson from joining a gym. Never again lol. I wish I had tips for working out on a budget but the only thing I do is try to find activities I enjoy so it doesn’t feel so much like “working” out. ๐Ÿ™‚ Good luck with the gym Michelle – You can do it!!!

    • Yes, I do. My brother promised that he’ll work out with me at least once a week and my hubby will drag me if he has to when he goes. So that’s good. I didn’t even think about using apps to keep progress. It’s a good idea.

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