Keeping Faith

I haven’t been posting anything on my blog or checking up on other blogs that much last week. I don’t want to be a downer on a Monday morning, but wanted to sort of talk to you guys. My mom ended up being hospitalized again last week. She had another stroke and this time it’s on the vision part of her brain. It mostly affects her right peripheral which is why she keeps going left and bumping into things. She also has hard time finding her cain. Her carotid arteries are 95% blocked and they can’t perform any surgery. I think I mentioned before that she has Moyamoya disease. She basically will continue to have strokes.

I’ve always been very emotional regarding anything to do with my mom and I’ve always been worried about her health even before she got sick. I think it started ever since I realized my mom’s much older than my friends’ moms, which is around 7th grade. There were many tough moments I accepted and endured before. But for the first time, I’m angry. I can’t even pray. Yesterday’s sermon was about trusting God and his faithfulness no matter the circumstances. I know it, but it’s really hard for me right now.

Please pray for my mom and my family. She’s still praising God’s name and so happy and gracious for the salvation. She doesn’t ever let her illness bring her down and doubt God’s plan. But I’m having a hard time keeping faith that God’s watching over us. I need to be strong emotionally and spiritually.


12 thoughts on “Keeping Faith

  1. This is heart-breaking to read. I’m sorry to hear your mom had another stroke, and that you’re having a hard time. Know I’m here for you if you need a friend to talk or process with. Big hugs, Michelle, and I will keep her and your family in my prayers.

  2. 1 Chronicles 16:11
    Search for the Lord and for his strength, and keep on searching.

    I will keep yourself, your Mother and your family in my prayers.
    You’ll get through this and I fully believe it’s going to grow you spiritually even more.

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