Friday Update: Sixteen Candles and New Job

Happy Friday~ I know my last post was depressing especially for Monday. So I thought I would close this week with positive things in my life that I’m gracious for. Well the obvious is that I got through this week and I’m emotionally more stable. Another thing that cheered me up was I accidently watched Sixteen Candles last night until one o’clock in the morning. I slept with Jake Ryan in my mind, which always makes me nostalgic and makes me feel like 16 again.

My hubby got a new job. Yay~~ Last week was his first week at the new job, but with all the craziness that happened last week I didn’t get to mention it. I could’ve talked about his hunt for a new job before he actually started the job, but didn’t because I’m paranoid and didn’t want to jinx it until he was physically there. He got the title he wanted and he seems to like it so far. He used to be in a huge company and this new one is a tiny one, so he’ll have some learning curve aside from everything else that comes with starting a new job. This means that all the PTO hours he didn’t use in the previous company is cashed out and we can pay for his Fall semester tuition. Hooray~ Yes, he had over 400 hours that he didn’t use and couldn’t use because they really juiced him for every once of energy and time.

We are still waiting for his severance pay package, which I don’t know why it’s taking so freakin long. You know what we’re going to do with that money? Pay off the 401k loan!!!! I think the net amount will be just around the balance amount of the 401k loan. Maybe a little less, but I think we can manage it and pay the whole thing off. It hasn’t happened yet, but it’ll be a huge load off our shoulders.

Have a nice weekend~^^

Anything good happened this week you want to share with us? How’s your debt looking these days?


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