Three Day Weekend

It’s a nice day today with blue sky and lower 80’s tempreture with slight breeze cooling sweat off my forehead. Not that I walked enough to break a sweat, but it would’ve if I did. It’s a perfect start to a three day weekend. I’m happy that I’m getting a day off on Monday, but I’m also sad that the summer is coming to a close. Kids will start school the day after Monday and all the community pools will be closing. I listed bunch of ideas to do for the summer in my previous post about summer mini vacations. I’m ashamed and bummed out to say that I didn’t get to do anything on the list.

So to close out the summer, we are taking a trip to New York. We initially approached another couple to see if they wanted to go camping with us. We met up to talk about the costs and other things and realized we didn’t have a lot of the equipments that we needed and wasn’t worth it to buy it at this point. So we moved on to the cabin idea. We also realized that with our budget, we can only afford ugly ones and because it’s a holiday weekend, most of places required 3 nights minimum. Then we finally moved on to the New York idea. The other couple had a voucher with a New Jersey hotel for 2 nights. So we decided that we can drive up to the hotel and take the bus to the city since there’s bus that leaves right at the hotel.

So our estimated cost for this trip is $485.00 per couple.
Gas $35.00
Toll $40.00?
Hotel $20.00 for the tip
Cab/bus $40.00
Food $250.00
Show $100.00
If we decide not to watch any show, we’ll probably spend that money on shopping. But only if I see a good deal on work clothes.

But I’m not 100% sure this trip will happen since the weather forecast is saying it’s supposed to rain Saturday, Sunday, and Monday. There’s a 30% chance of t-storm, but that percentage goes up to 60% in the evening time. If our hotel was in New York city, I wouldn’t mind as much, but since we have to commute from New Jersey, I don’t want to deal with rain at all. If this trip actually happens, I’ll post a recap of the costs and if it doesn’t, I’ll post a recap on other things I end up doing this weekend. Whatever it is that I end up doing, I need some fun time to relieve some stress.

What are you guys doing this weekend?


8 thoughts on “Three Day Weekend

  1. The weather report says “isolated” thunderstorms and that often means that it just rains in some areas…I have a feeling it’ll be okay though. (Don’t blame me if it pours though =) The transportation system is pretty good here in the NYC metro area so come! Don’t let a little rain stop you. Hope you enjoy the long weekend.

    • It would’ve been so much fun, but I got sick and ended up not going. It’s not too far that I can’t plan another trip soon. Maybe we’ll go during December when all the lights are up and it actually feels like Christmas up in New York. I hope you had a great three day weekend.

  2. It’s too bad you weren’t able to make your summer plans this year. Good thing next year is already around the corner! You can start making plans for one or two that excite you the most!

    We went to a business partner’s house for Labor Day and went swimming, and grilled food. It was a lot of fun being around people who are positive and future-focused all the time. Plus their house is a huge dream builder for us!

    • I think that means you had a great weekend getaway. Not a relaxing one, but a fun and an active one. Maybe build a recovery time into your schedule so you won’t feel like you need another weekend~^^

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