What’s Your Clutter Made Up Of?

Many people believe, especially PF bloggers, that clutter is bad for you financially. Your house gets messy and you end up buying things that you already have and waste precious space in your house. You let things go bad and expire and then you really do need to go shop again or was that your intention all along? Although I agree with some of it and I’ve been practicing de-cluttering my house since I started this blog (somewhat successful), there are some things I don’t agree that should be thrown away without exception. Maybe I feel that way because I just can’t get myself to let these go.

That’s why I wanted to talk about the junk treasures that you won’t and can’t throw away. We talk about what we should eliminate and never let it pile up again, but there are some things that may not help financially by taking up space in your house, but have other meaning that give enough non-tangible worth to justify you to continue to hoard. For me, things that have sentimental value hold a huge place in my heart and my house. Over the years, my family moved around a lot and we only lived in apartments which forced me to throw some things away and it broke my heart every time. I think it’ll be just easy to list the surviving treasures in my closet.

– Movie ticket stubs: I have more than 100 ticket stubs from my high school years until now. I didn’t organize them, so they’re just bundled and wrapped with a rubber band, but I do occasionally look through them. It’s fun to see what kind of movies I saw before and how old these things are. I have a ticket stub for Scream 1 and Titanic among other movies.

– Calendars: I wanted to start a diary back in high school and quickly realized that I was too lazy to write them every day. When I finally sat down to write what happened in the previous week, I forgot when I did what. I started jotting down what, when, who, where and when on my calendar, so that I can write my full diary entries in my pretty diary book when I’m ready. Well, the calendar entries continued for over a decade without them never being transferred to a diary book. Just a few words about where I went with who trigger memories about what happened that day and how I felt. My mom threw away my first 2 years by accident in my early 20’s and I cried all night. It had the entry on my first kiss and my first crush.

– Stationaries: I used to collect cute notepads, clips, pens, and other things in high school. I’ve been saving them to use it for special occasions and now it’s more like ancient collectible items that I feel like I shouldn’t use and just admire. The different characters on these show when I bought them. It’s easy to order things online nowadays, but back then, it was a real treat to find these things imported from Korea and Japan.

– Foreign coins: I have collection of foreign coins and old dollar bills with blue print mark. These are worthless, but I collected them in my junior high school years with such passion. They truly feel like treasures to me. It’s like relics left from an innocent place and time that I can’t go back to. I don’t know. I’m weird like that and I need a reason to keep them I guess.

There you go. These are the worthless things that take up space in a box that I’ve been lugging around for over a decade. I’m not going to throw them away either. When we buy a house later, don’t know when, I want a huge closet and a garage to put all my junky treasures. haha~
What are your treasure? Are you planning to keep them or finally throw them away?


10 thoughts on “What’s Your Clutter Made Up Of?

  1. I collected EVERYTHING you have on your list at one time or another (other than calendars although I have 2 sitting around). The movie stub collection went a long time ago but I still have a collection of stationary that I’m trying to use up. I’ve promised myself not to buy anymore stationary until I’ve used up what I have (I even take it to work even though they provide some too) and I don’t think I’ve bought a notepad in over 3 years and I still have some to go 😉

    • My problem is that I don’t want to use them. I did use some of the newer ones, but old ones I just can’t touch. Now that I think about it, I don’t collect anything anymore other than keeping what I used to collect. Mabye I should’t look for things to collect. Let me stop right here~^^

    • As long as you use them and not throw them away, I say you’re investing in yourself and it’s not a waste. I don’t feel ashamed. I just wish I had a bigger storage space. One day I will and I’ll be able to keep all kinds of junk.

  2. Good timing for your post as I’ve recently decluttered my flat! Turns out I don’t have any treasures (in the sense that I used to keep everything but was really surprised to learn that I didn’t want to keep any of it any longer). My Dad has a big collection of coins, he’s been collecting them all his life and I’ve got some of his coins from the year I was born. This is one of a few things that I held on to from my past as it has sentimental value to me. Mind you, I’ve got an apartment and a storage room full of “stuff” back in my hometown so I’m not done just yet 😛

  3. That’s so fun that you have movie stubs from back in high school! Mine are mostly pictures prior to everything becoming digital – most of the time, though, I have no problem throwing stuff away, even super pretty cards that my mom always gives me. I feel bad when I do it, but after moving around quite a few times I got over it. 😉

    • I’m an old fashioned lady. I like actual photo prints. But I got lazy and I stopped printing my pictures in the mid 2000s. I do want to start again and continue to picture album collection. One of these days~~

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