Birthday Perks

I turned 33 a little over a week ago. That’s not the topic of my post today though. I usually don’t like signing up for email listing with different retail shops. Aside from getting annoying emails all the time, they just don’t give me good enough deals for me to stay in the loop of what they’re offering. But I have been waiting for one deal all year long, which is a birthday gift code from Tory Burch for $50.00.

I’m well aware of the fact that $50.00 at Tory Burch won’t get me any bags, clothes or shoes. I can still take advantage of this gift code to get accessory items that are on sale though. So I bought a pair of earrings for $16.50 yesterday. Of course I had to go into the store since if I try to order it online, I’d have to pay shipping cost unless I order at least $300.00 which defeats the purpose of me trying to be frugal. And it’s express next day shipping, so that means it’ll arrive at my doorstep tomorrow when I get off from work. What a nice gift for myself without spending too much.

Another birthday perk I don’t necessarily wait for but I quite like is from Sephora. It’s just a little sample birthday kit, but I use anyway and I like to get all the deluxe samples I can get by being a VIB member since actual cosmetic stores are so stingy with samples. How am I supposed to know whether it’s a good product for me without sampling it to make sure my skin won’t react crazy to it before I spend $100.00 on a 1oz bottle? I ran out of night cream before, but waited out ordering it until the birthday sample was ready for me by using samples I collected. So on top of their standard 3 samples, I got a birthday sample kit, and another deluxe sample with the VIB sample code I get by email.

One last birthday perk I use is a restaurant coupon. This year, I got a $10 coupon from Maggiano’s. I love Italian food and their portions are big, so I can just order an appetizer and a dish to share with my hubby. It’s nothing big, but any savings is better than no savings and I like to treat myself on the day or the week my age number changes.

Do you have any birthday perks you get or take advantage of that you’d like to share with us?


12 thoughts on “Birthday Perks

  1. Happy Belated Birthday, Michelle!!! Sounds like you got some great deals – I’d love to see what the TB earrings look like! I love Tory Burch… it’s just that my wallet doesn’t. 😉 Happy birthday, again! xo

  2. Hope you had a lovely Birthday Michelle! The earrings sound fab! I didn’t do much at all for my birthday this year, but my daughter sung happy birthday to me which was more than enough. And my hubby bought me a charm for my pandora bracelet which was a surprise as I wasn’t expecting anything!

    • I didn’t do much either other than trying to find good deals to treat myself. haha~ Your birthday sounds so sweet with your daughter’s singing and your hubby’s surprise present.

  3. Happy belated birthday, Michelle! Sephora birthday kit sounds like a lovely gift. I normally get a birthday kit from Clinique since I’ve been buying from them religiously (not anymore though) and a free meal at one of the Italian places I like to go to.

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