October Goals

I’ve seen some bloggers that post weekly or monthly goals whether they’re finance, fitness, diet or anything else related. I get so inspired by other bloggers’ goal setting and their progress. I know it’s late in the year and like any other trend, I’m late to join in as usual. I figured I’ll ease into it rather than make a big declaration like new year’s resolutions. I’ve been avoiding setting weekly or monthly goals for myself because if the past is an indication of what’s to come in the future, I knew I was going to fail reaching my goals. But just like with my financial journey I started this year, I needed to start doing things instead of avoiding them in fear of not reaching them.

I will start out with very very tiny goals and some months may only have one goal. But I need to start out slow so I don’t get discouraged and just quit all together. I’m not delusional and I know myself enough to try to pace it, because I do want to work on myself and improve my life overall.

So here’s my first monthly goals:
1. Finish reading Ender’s Game and go to a book club meeting
2. Work out at the gym at least once a week
3. Write a letter to my hubby, my brother, and my best friend
4. Go to sleep by midnight

These are very easy things to do, but I need to make a point of doing them. I’ve been caught up in just daily things and TV, I didn’t read or do anything else this year. I spend evening hours glued to my couch watching Food network or stream stuff on Netflix. Hopefully with time, my list will consists of more difficult and productive things and I won’t be so afraid of setting goals anymore.

Do you guys set weekly or monthly goals?


15 thoughts on “October Goals

  1. Oooh, I can’t wait until Ender’s Game comes out! I heard Ender’s Shadow is a great read, too, but I haven’t read it. Right now I’m reading Serena before the movie comes out. Good luck with your goals!! 🙂

    • I lack sleep all the time, but I just can’t seem to go to sleep before midnight. I need a job that starts late, because my mind seems like it’s more awake at night than any other time. But for now, I need to force myself to go to sleep by midnight so I’m not so tired all the time and my skin can rest and stop making pimples.

  2. I have set yearly goals on Jan. 1st and that’s it. I do have a budget for the month, but that’s all I plan. Otherwise, I like to make changes as I go. If I feel like there’s something to improve, I’ll start now and not wait for the beginning of the next month to do it.

    Sure, for some people monthly goals are working great. If it helps you feel more in control, then you should keep such a goals list and see how the month progresses.

    Keeping our fingers crossed for your goals 😉

    • I feel like not making goals makes me not think about doing anything. I’m a lazy person who needs to be pushed and needs structure. I hope this helps me to do things more productive in my life. Thanks~

  3. Hi, I have a statistic on reaching one’s goals: 43% success rate if no written goals, 64% success rate with written goals and 76% success rate when goals are shared with friends!
    Have a great November 🙂

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