Take My Money, I’m Not Afraid of You!

Happy Friday~
Let me start with what makes me happy today first then go on with all the expenses that’s sucking up our money. I’m really looking forward to tonight. No I don’t have a swanky cocktail party to go to or have a date night with my hubby or anything to do outside my apartment. It’s Friday and my hubby won’t be home since he has a group meeting for his class project. I’ve been waiting to watch Walking Dead season 3 that’s been sitting on my Netflix queue. I’ll be picking up a bottle of wine on the way home and make a quick dinner for myself and binge watch Walking Dead until 3 am midnight since that’s on my October goal to not stay up after midnight. I did break that promise and went to sleep at 2 am last night. That doesn’t mean I should just ignore it not even try anymore.

One unpleasant mail came this week. My hubby got a speeding ticket. He was confused that he got a speeding ticket from DC since he takes metro to go to school. But I immediately knew when he got it. A couple of weeks ago, my second cousin from California came here for an internship in DC. We picked her up and dropped her off at her dorm in DC. I remember telling my hubby to drive carefully since they recently announced that there will be traffic cameras that don’t flash and you wouldn’t know where and when you’ll be ticketed, not that we drive recklessly, but extra caution doesn’t hurt. I was waiting for him to tell me the amount and I was just hoping it’d be less than $100.00. At first he yelled out $182.00 and freaked out. But then he calmed down and looked at it closely and said that was if we pay late. The actual ticket amount is $92.00. It sucked, but what’s done is done. I told him to just pay it online right away and don’t worry about it too much. As much as I was annoyed with the situation (don’t even get me started on this stupid traffic cameras), I didn’t want him to feel guilty or sorry. He kept apologizing and I told him it’s okay. We now know to be even more careful when we drive. One good things is that even with this unexpected speeding ticket, we didn’t go over budget for the week.

However, we do have an expense that we didn’t plan early enough for. Since my second cousin (I’ll call her my niece since that’s what she is in my culture) is here, her brother’s coming to visit at the end of November. They are both the biggest Redskins fans and are planning to go to a Redskins game while both of them are here. Initially we were going to join them even though I don’t like and don’t know football, but man the ticket prices are crazy. So only my hubby will be joining them and my brother. I initially budgeted to save this money by early November not realizing to buy the tickets earlier, so we bought my hubby’s ticket on credit card yesterday. I didn’t realize they tack on additional $50.00 processing fee per ticket. Geez~ I don’t know why NFL is considered non-profit and gets tax benefits. This is a lucrative business and it’s purely for entertainment. But that’s for another post someday. We need to save another $120.00 in a couple of weeks to pay off the credit card to not carry any balance and save more for spending money that day. My hubby’s friends is looking into getting a free parking pass for the stadium, so it’ll save money if that works out.

One more big purchase of the week is that my hubby got a new phone today, Samsung Note 3 I think. His phone is 3 years old and it’s been acting crazy and he’s been having trouble with it for quite some time. So we budgeted $300.00 for a new phone, but Sprint is charging $350.00. With him trading his crazy phone and all other fees they want to add on, the total is around $325.00. $25.00 over our initial budget, which we can handle.

We had quite an expense this week, but we can handle it. I’m not panicking, which would’ve been my first response and second response just a couple of months ago. Even though things didn’t go the way we planned or budgeted, I know we can save for it in time and make adjustments to fit this extra spending in our budget. So take my money!! I’m not afraid of you!! Haha~

How have your attitude toward unexpected expenses changed? What’s your plan for tonight?


12 thoughts on “Take My Money, I’m Not Afraid of You!

  1. We had our own unexpected expenses this month and I am pretty iffed about it. But the good thing is that we DO have the money to cover it all and not worry. It’s not like we won’t be able to make our payments because of these expenses, it’s just that we’ll save less than I wanted. On the other hand I got a pretty good web design contract, so we’re recovering most of the needed expenses, but I dislike the fact I budgeted for something and it messed my calculations 😀

    It’s not OK to obsess too much anyway .. at the end of the day life is what happens while we’re busy making plans, so as long as these emergencies don’t mess up our finances, it should be OK.

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