Expensive Weekend

Happy Monday~
I’ll just start right into the point as usual. We’ve been spending over our budget in general for the month of October so far. But this weekend has been one of the most expensive ones. It started on Friday with going out to DC with my niece. She’s my cousin’s daughter and she’s here for her DC internship from California. In our culture, she’s my niece and I’m her aunt. So we took her out and as much as we tried to not go overboard with our budget by finding good happy hour place and etc., we still ended up spending a lot of money. She’s only 21, she’s my niece, and I know her family’s financial situation. I can’t and I won’t let her pay for anything when we’re out together. I don’t want to reveal the exact amount we spent that night, but it was a little over $200.00. Don’t yell at me about this please~ I already know we need to be more conscious and we will. In any case, we had a great time and that’s that.

The next spending was on Saturday morning. I needed to renew my vehicle registration, which included state inspection and emission test with the DMV registration fee. It came about to $140.00 total. I didn’t realize how expensive it was to register a vehicle for 2 years and my hubby’s time is coming up next month. Better readjust the budget.

The next one came in the afternoon. I got a Japanese magic straight perm. I think I mentioned about my unruly hair and all its frizzy glory. I’m still trying to grow it out since last Summer when I chopped it all off. It’s now barely touching my shoulders and it’s voluminous in a not so flattering way. I needed to do something other than putting it up with 20 bobby pins. I ended up with a backache sitting in the salon chair for over 4 hours and $220.00 less in my bank account. I was happy with the hair though, but not the money situation. But to me, this was what needed to be done for my sanity.

So in 2 days, we spent around $600.00. That’s not counting our usual grocery and gas money. Just the extra spending that we sort of saw ahead of time, but not to this degree. We did build in a cushion for this week’s budget, but still went over. I mean way~~ over. Hopefully, we can catch up soon.

How was your weekend? Was it an expensive weekend like mine?


2 thoughts on “Expensive Weekend

  1. That was so nice of you to treat your niece like that. And the Japanese magic perm sounds amazing – how long will it last for? I love the fact that you’re honest about going over budget. It happens from time to time, the trick is to get back on track and not let it deter you from making progress next month. 🙂 We spent a bit more last weekend too, it was a friend’s surprise birthday party so we spent a little more than we wanted to (around $50). Luckily though, the hubby managed to sell some stuff in order to raise money for it, so it didn’t effect our budget!

    • Thanks Hayley for not yelling at me~^^ The Japanese straight perm lasts quite awhile, but the problem is the roots. But they can touch up the roots, so I’ll probably go for a roots touch up in 3 months. Better add that to my budget.
      You guys are doing great with trying to stay on top of everything. Let’s not get discouraged and continue strong~!!!

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