My First 5K Run

This past Saturday, I did a first 5K run in my life. But it wasn’t one of those serious runs with time keeping, training, cool running gear, and other running related stuff. It was Run or Dye 5k color run and I signed up on a whim just to get some color on me. Running a 5K or 10K has been on my new year’s resolution for the past few years and I never seriously attempted to bring this to reality. This time around wasn’t different either. I just happened to see a Groupon deal for this and read the part where it said I can walk or run or not do the whole thing if I chose to. I liked the fact that kids can come and it was more for the bonding experience and having fun than being a serious runner. I signed my brother and myself up a couple of months ago thinking I’ll start running a few times before the actual race day and I should be good to go.

I never ran a single time before the race day. My brother knows how unfit I am, so he kept nagging at me a few weeks before to start running. Of course I didn’t listen to him and on the race day, it really showed. I didn’t even run the first half a mile and felt like my heart was cracking because it felt so dry and my legs felt wobbly. My brother kept waiting for me and pushing me. Most of the kids ran faster than me and I was a hot mess at the end. I’m not saying it wasn’t fun, but I again realized how much my body needs to be better taken care of. Even though it was painful and I didn’t really look good while doing it with all the pain showing on my face and whining the whole way, it felt good to finish the race that I did for the first time. All the colors on me helped me feel better and definitely made it more fun.

However, the real pain didn’t start until that night. I was groaning laying on my bed, because my whole body was aching. I woke up with a groan too and as soon as I put my feet down on the floor and tried to get up, there was a shooting pain from my shins, thighs, calves and my behind. Today is Wednesday and I still have aches here and there after 4 days. I’m going back to the gym this week for sure to continue moving my body, so I won’t feel this again in the near future.

One last thing is the price for this run. The Groupon deal was $42.00 to register 2 people. It came with a number bib, bag to carry stuff on the day, body stickers, water, and most importantly the color packet. I thought it was a good deal and the whole color premise was enticing enough for my lazy self to join and actually finish the race. So overall, I’d say this was a success for me personally.

How was your weekend? Did you try anything new?


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