MY Favorite Things

In PF community, concept of frugality is very important. In fact, the whole premise seems like it revolves around frugality at the base of it. As much I agree with it and I’m working towards living a more frugal life not just for myself to pay off debt, but to be mindful of all the resources that are available now that are limited, it can get exhausting. So to give my mind a break from what to cut, how to save, how to not buy, I wanted to share some of my favorite things that are worth enjoying. I’m thinking about making this a regular series to lift my spirit up writing about my favorite things and also hear from you guys your favorite things and the reasons behind it.

The first on my list is something I don’t have yet, but it’s on its way to be delivered to my house. I haven’t even used it yet, but I’m really excited about this. It’s Clarisonic MIA 2 cleansing system for sensitive skin. I mentioned before about my acne issues and it’s one of the constant source of stress for me. I read great reviews all over the place about this product and I’m really hoping it’ll give me some positive results. I’ve been fooled and disappointed with “magical” acne products before, so I know not to expect too much. Even if it gives me some kind of positive result, I’d be super happy with it.

The second one on today’s list is Tempurpedic slippers. I’m always cold at work and since my current job doesn’t allow space heaters, I have my baby blanket in hand all the time along with my Tempurpedic slippers. They are comfy and keep my feet warm. I work in a cubicle and I don’t have to meet clients or anything, so I like to get comfy in my area.

My third favorite thing is my wallet phone cover. When I first got this a year ago, it was sort of uncomfortable talking on the phone with a flap hanging with my ID and cards in it. But after getting over that initial trial period, I love it. If I need to go out quick to pick up something or whatever, I don’t need to look for my wallet, phone, car keys and a bag to keep them in. I just need to pick my phone which already has my ID and cards and my keys. It’s made to look like an old book, so when I’m playing a game on my phone, people think I’m reading~^^

The last one for today is Air Cushion BB compact from Amore, the Iope line. This has a pretty good coverage without the cakey look and it’s easy to use since it comes in a compact form, but the BB cream itself is in a liquid form. It just comes through a sponge in between. It gives you a glow to make your face more dimensional. I’m on my second compact and I think I’ll be continuing to use this.

I’m curious to know what your current favorite things are. I’ll be sure to let you know how Clarisonic cleansing system works out for me. I’m crossing my fingers~

(FYI, these are purely my opinions and I wasn’t sponsored to write about any product.)


8 thoughts on “MY Favorite Things

  1. We received a tin of Danish cookies from a friend and I’ve been devouring through them for the past few days, so that is the first thing that comes to mind in terms of favourite things.

    OH, I recently bought an Aeropress coffeemaker off Amazon! Here’s the deal: the coffee at work is TERRIBLE, so I find myself going out to buy coffee during breaks. But buying coffee out adds up, so I bought the Aeropress for $30 and plan on making my own delicious coffee at work which in the long run will save me money…. how “frugal” of me 😀

    Also, really liking the new theme Michelle!

    • Danish cookies sound really good right now especially since I just had lunch without dessert.
      And yes, buying coffee at coffee shops are expensive. I used to buy coffee out at least 3 times during the week and another 3 times on the weekend. Now, I cut that to once a week and usually on the weekend when I’m out with friends.
      Thanks for the theme comment~^^

  2. Oh man, I want the Clarisonic Mia, too!! It’s still in my wants list since it’s not really a necessity, but I’m so curious to see how you like it! I can’t really think of a favorite thing right now, except my wedding dress that I can’t wait to wear. lol

    • Your wedding dress tops anything on my list.
      I am looking forward to using the Mia2 too. I’m sure i’ll either complain about it or gush about it on here. Have a great weekend~

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