Looking Forward to Black Friday

Please don’t freak out just looking at the title of this post thinking I’m planning to throw away my new financial attitude and lifestyle I worked hard to maintain this year since the beginning of this blog. I know there are various good reasons why you shouldn’t go shopping on Black Friday, such as you don’t want to put yourself in a vulnerable situation if you have hard time saying no when you’re faced with so many pretty things at such a good price. Another reason might be that you don’t want to get trampled on by a mob of over-zealous shoppers. I see a lot of posts lately on how to simply say no to Black Friday and that it’s a day for manipulative and money grubbing corporate retailers to hook you in. I do see where they’re coming from and it could potentially be dangerous for some people. But what’s a personal finance blog if it’s not personal?

For me personally, it’s a day for clothes shopping for my hubby and I. Other than occasional one item purchase here and there, my hubby and I went clothes shopping only twice this year. I almost never buy any clothing items at a full price. But before this year, I didn’t realize how those cheap sale item purchases that I mindless did thinking I was saving money quickly added up. Even though I didn’t have money left after shopping, I still didn’t have anything decent to wear. So earlier this year, I decided to save money for several months and go shopping on one of the big holiday sales day throughout the year. Black Friday will be our third and last shopping day of this year. The last couple of times we went shopping our budget was $200 each time for both of us. We didn’t get to buy everything we wanted, but with some great discounts and self-control, we still ended up with satisfactory shopping result.

For our last shopping day though, we’re going to have a bigger budget, which is $300.00. I need more work clothes and my hubby needs more casual weekend clothes. Here’s some of the things that I’m looking to buy.

-Jcrew factory store usually has 50% off. I’m looking to buy at least one blouse, skirt, and a necklace.
-Loft outlet usually has 40% off. I’m looking to buy some black tights and work dresses.
-Banana outlet store usually has 40% off. Hubby’s looking to buy some sweaters.
-I don’t know about Under Armor sales price, but hubby wants to buy his school logo sweater from there.
-Abercrombie & Fitch usually has 40% off. Hubby and I both will be looking at some sweat pants and t-shirts.
-I don’t know where, but I need a new pair of black and tan flats for work.
-Gap usually has 40% off. Hubby’s looking to buy some khaki pants and simple shirts.

I’m not saying $300 will afford us to buy all these, but these are some of the things that I’ll be looking to buy if the price it right. We’ll be bringing cash to the mall to only spend that amount and no credit card or debit card will be allowed for us. I think if you have a set budget that you’re not willing to change it based on what you see and you have specific items you’re looking for, you’re ok to go shopping on Black Friday. I thought I wouldn’t like having this cash shopping budget thing, but the last couple of times I did this, I actually had fun. I felt more excited to find deals and I was amazed at how much good quality stuff we bought with our limited budget. They’re not designer names, but they’re nice quality classic items that I can wear for quite some time.

I do have one more personal reason for going shopping on Black Friday. For us, it’s a family bonding time. I know we all like shopping and this year, my niece is here from California for her DC internship. My hubby, brother, niece and I will be shopping together and we can eat lunch and dinner together, snack together, pick out things for each other, chat and tease each other, take pictures together, and walk around together. Shopping might seem like a boring thing for such an important thing like family bonding experience, but it works for us. We need to go shopping anyway, why not go with your family and make a whole day trip out of it?

What are you doing on Black Friday? How do you feel about the whole Black Friday thing?


6 thoughts on “Looking Forward to Black Friday

  1. I did Black Friday like one time in college, and didn’t find it worth it. I remewmber buying a sweater from Old Navy bc of the Black Friday specials, and then three weeks later, I saw the same sweater on sale for a lot less than what I paid for it. These days, I prefer to go shopping after Christmas, bc I feel like sutff is even more on sale then and I get some awesome deals, especially on Christmas decorations!

    • It’s definitely a good idea to buy Christmas decorations after Christmas, but I just don’t think about it afterwards. I need to remember to buy some on sale for next year.

  2. Husband hasn’t purchased ANY clothing this year, his wardrobe is full with good clothing (some even new) purchased before. I have done some shopping only on the maternity ‘area’, since I can’t fit in my regular pants anymore. Other than that .. nothing for me either. We usually like to wear our stuff that’s in great condition and not just go shopping because ‘it’s the right time’ 🙂

    • I’ve been trying to build a better wardrobe since my closet is filled with cheap stuff. But at the same time, I decided to be smart about money, so it’s taking some time to replace my cheap clothing that really don’t go together with buildable and quality wardrobe.

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