Making New Christmas Tradition

It really feels and looks like Christmas where I am right now. We had a snow/ice storm yesterday, so all the trees are covered in ice and from my cubicle at work, the view is breathtaking. I feel like I’m in Narnia or something. We had a delay opening at work and even though my hubby cleaned my car last night, it still took me 30 minutes this morning breaking ice off my car. No complain though since all the roads were nice and clean.

I’ve been reading a lot about peoples’ Christmas traditions lately and our family only has tradition of going to church for Christmas service and actually celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ and having dinner together. This is extremely important of course, but I wanted to start a few other Christmas traditions to bring our family closer together. The first one is secret Santa gift exchange. My side of the family consists of my mom and my brother. My hubby’s side has his brother and his mom. Both sides don’t have anybody else in the east coast and me trying to buy everybody something ends up costing a lot of money without each family member receiving a nice gift. So I wanted all 6 of us to draw one name each and buy something that’s around $150 for the person you picked. I think $150 could get you a nice gift and this eliminates my hubby and I trying to come up with presents for everyone. This could also bring both families closer together. You have to think about the other person while coming up with what to buy and this also guarantees all of us spending Christmas together. We already drew names on Thanksgiving. I have to help my mom with gift giving since she can’t go out or see well. She got my hubby’s name and I got mom’s gift for my hubby during Black Friday shopping. I drew mom’s name and I think I’m going to get a pair of SAS shoes for her. She needs a comfortable and easy to slip on shoes.

Next tradition is Christmas tree. I know this is a given for many of you, but we didn’t have Christmas tree every year as tradition. I want to start this year though and keep this up. Just like everyone gathered at our house for Thanksgiving, we’re all gathering again at our house on Christmas. That gives me another reason to make sure to put the tree up before Christmas. My hubby and I put it up last night while we had snow falling outside. It felt perfect actually. My former boss was throwing out her Christmas tree (the fake one), so I asked her to give it to me. We have a very few ornaments on the tree, so it’s not looking complete, but my brother’s bringing his ornaments since he’s not using them this year. So it’s costing us zero dollars for this.

Eat s’more or chocolate fondue after Christmas dinner. I’m not a baker and as much as I want to be one of those cupcake bakers with cute and colorful aprons whipping up some delicious creations, I don’t like the actual baking part. So I think I’ll stick with something simple like making s’more or chocolate fondue. We usually end up feeling awkward after dinner since we’re not all that comfortable and close yet (we as in my hubby’s and my family). I think having dessert that makes you use your hands will give you something to do and be less awkward. Plus it’s yummy and chocolate goes well with Christmas and any other holiday.

Speaking of feeling awkward, I think we should start playing board games together. It can be anything from Uno, Monopoly, or traditional Korean game called Yut nori. This game is typically played on New Year’s day, but since we’re not getting together on New Year’s day, I think it’ll be really great to play together on Christmas. This will help us interact with each other rather than just staring at the TV. I think I might get little gifts to give to the winning team to add some incentive.

Do you guys have any other fun and easy suggestions for us? What are your Christmas traditions?


5 thoughts on “Making New Christmas Tradition

  1. Aww, all the snow sounds beautiful – take pics, take pics! We’re just getting a lot of cold air here, which is rough on my skin, but it kind of brings a “Christmas-y” vibe to SD. 🙂 I agree about church, and we also do the secret Santa exchange (less thought process to have to worry about all family members), though we haven’t done one in a couple of years. I love your idea about s’mores! I think that will go into my baked goods rotation this year. 🙂 I also *love* board games – we like Mah Jong, and the aunties get crazy competitive, it’s pretty hilarious. Merry soon-to-be Christmas, Michelle. 🙂

    • I never played mah jong and only saw people playing in the movies, never in real life. That sounds fun though. It always reminds me of Joy Luck Club.
      I know you are a baker, so can I put in my order now? ^^
      Merry soon to be Christmas as well~

      • Haha, if it’s not too weird, I would sincerely love to! You’ve been such a great ear during this wedding stuff, so it’s the least I can do. 🙂

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