2014 Goals

There were many changes, accomplishments, and hardships in 2013 in my family. My hubby finished his first year as a MBA student and he switched to a new job after working for his previous employer for 7 years. My mom had a couple of strokes and even though she’s significantly weaker and lost some physical and mental abilities, she’s still with us happy and spiritually strong . I somehow got introduced to personal finance blog world and became one of them. We tried hard to live within a budget, pay down our debt, and met all the financial goals we set for this year. Even though I’m over 30, I feel like I didn’t start to really mature as an adult until I got married. I think I used being unmarried as an excuse to delay growing up and owning up as an adult. Thank God I didn’t get married later~^^ Otherwise I might have missed out on all the blessings, knowledge, and support I received this year.

To continue living an adult life, I have new 2014 goals that I want to achieve.

First, here are the financial goals:
1. Pay off my car. I’m not doing anything other than paying regular payments. The last payment is supposed to be in October 2014. I just wanted to put this here to cross it off my debt list when the time comes.
2. Pay off 2 out of 4 of my student loans on top of regular payments. Basically I want to pay around $8,000 total towards my student loans.
3. Cash flow around $12,000.00 for hubby’s tuition on top of making payments to existing MBA loan.
4. Save at least $1000 to do tunes ups for my car and my hubby’s car.
5. Save around $500 for a new lap top for myself. I don’t need nothing fancy.

Second, my personal goals:
1. Read one book a month and try to get to 2 books a month towards the end of the year. 2013 was a very bad year for reading. I read many blogs and articles, but didn’t keep up with books and I want to pick back up on that.
2. Compile a recipe book. I wanted to do that this year, but I completely forgot. I’m not a naturally great cook and I haven’t been cooking for that long, so I wanted to put together a recipe book that I can easily reference proven recipes instead of searching for it online every time to choose from hundreds of different recipes.
3. Go to the gym 4 times a month or once a week. I’m still struggling with this and hopefully I can make this a habit and increase the number later on.
4. Take better care of my family. This sounds generic, but I really mean this. I need to be better at calling them, meeting up with them, being more sweet when I’m talking to them, and trying to be more understanding when we’re in disagreement. I don’t want to be regretting about not being close to my family until it’s too late. We are pretty close, but I want to be closer and not take them for granted.
5. Pray and read at least one Bible verse a day. I’ve been really neglecting in this part of my life. I need to feed my soul not just my physical body.
6. Keep up with my blog. I’ve been really spotty with my blog this year. There’s no set posting schedule and I haven’t put that much effort into it like other bloggers. I’m still keeping this as a hobby, but I do want to be more committed to it.

I have more smaller goals, but I didn’t think they’re important enough to make this list longer. I’m also sure other goals might come up and some goals here might change, but this is what I’m planning for now. Hopefully, I will exceed my expectations on various things and be able to proudly brag in here~^^

Are you setting 2014 goals? Do you think setting yearly goals help you?


6 thoughts on “2014 Goals

  1. Those are great goals! I love my Pinterest account for organizing my recipes. Yes, my husband and I usually sit down in December and come up with 4-5 goals we want to achieve. We talk about them every month when we put together our monthly budget and adjust as needed. We haven’t completely set them yet, but there will be a get mortgage below $xx,000 type of goal and probably a vacationing goal. 🙂

    • Oh I can spend hours on Pinterest. I do have some recipes there too. Seems like you’re balancing it out well with mortgage and vacation goals in there. Good luck with your goals~!!

  2. Love your goals, Michelle, and I love how we have similar ones in terms of finances/saving and reading! That’s a good point about taking care of family, as well, though from what I’ve read you already do a great job with. I liked your idea about Bible verses, as well – I might have to copy that! Best of luck in 2014, girl, and as always, continued prayers for your mom. xo

    • When my hubby and I first started dating, we used to call each other in the morning to share quiet time together and pray together to start the day. Even though it was hard getting up in the morning, it was really good to start with God’s words and know that you have someone praying for you. If it’s hard for you to start on your own, maybe you can involve your fiancée to start regularly reading the Bible.

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