2013 Debt Pay Down Recap

In a couple of days, 2013 will be gone and 2014 will be the present. I feel like time started flying really fast by since I turned 21. Now I’m 33 and the last 12 years just flew by like a blink of an eye and I’m sure the older I get, the faster it will seem. I met up with my 2 old college roommates last weekend that I haven’t seen in 8 years. It felt really uncanny hearing about their children, businesses, pregnancies, and other grown up things from them. If we kept in touch throughout the years, I wouldn’t feel such a shock of how we changed all at once. But since our mid-twenties and early thirties were skipped, it seemed like a sudden awakening.

The reason I bring this up is because I seem like I had more regrets in the past at every new year’s eve than feeling of accomplishment. I don’t want to stay in the same cycle of not setting goals or not following through anymore. I want to be more productive, more conscious and deliberate in the decisions I make. I already listed my goals for 2014 in the previous post. Today, I want to look back on the progress I made with my debt pay down plan to evaluate myself without any regret.

Debt Type – Amount Paid (Feb – Dec 2013)
DOED student loans – $1,800.00
Salliemae student loans – $4,500.00
My car loan – $3,460.00
Hubby’s car loan – $5,120.00
Hubby’s MBA loan – $5,600.00
Hubby’s 401k loan – $12,000.00

We paid around $32,480.00 total towards our debt in 2013. We got some help from severance pay and unused PTO when my hubby got a new job to pay down some of our debt, but we didn’t fall into our usual trap of spending whatever we have at our disposal. I’m really proud of that. We still have quite an amount left on our debt on top of upcoming tuitions, but I’m confident that we can have another great year in 2014. 2013 was the first year of our financial clean up and we still did a great job. Although we slipped in November and December, we can climb back up and be diligent again.

How much debt have you paid down in 2013? Are you guys excited for the new year?


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