2013 Wardrobe Building Recap

Last March in this post, I mentioned how my closet is full of old and cheap clothes that I can hardly build a decent outfit with.  And I listed a bunch of “classic” items that I wanted to eventually fill my close with to finally have a grown up wardrobe.  Since it’s been almost a year, I wanted to see how much of the list I was able to cross off, if I need to change anything on the list, and how much more I need to build a “basic” wardrobe.

Tops and dresses: silk blouse – yes, cashmere sweater or cardigan – no, good quality t-shirt – yes need more though, well tailored suit – yes, polo shirt – no, silk camisole – yes, long over-sized wrap cardigan – yes, cable knit sweater – yes need more though, crisp white button down shirt – no, gingham or plaid button down shirt – no, shirt dress – no, little black dress – yes, over-sized sweater – no

Bottoms: well fitted black pants – no, white skinny jeans – yes, black pencil skirt – yes, A-line skirt – no, well fitted dark skinny jeans – yes, black leather leggings or pants – yes, denim shorts – no, denim skirt – yes, khaki trousers – yes need more though, well fitted light skinny jeans – yes

Outerwear: classic mid-length coat – no, well fitted white and black blazer – yes, trench coat – yes, shawl – yes

Accessories: leopard print scarf – no, black opaque tights – yes, over-sized watch – yes, statement necklaces – yes need more though, pearl necklace and pearl studs – no, diamond studs – no, casual tote – no, evening clutch – no, wide leather belt – no, skinny colored belt – no

Shoes: loafers – no, black and cream pumps – yes, black ankle boots – yes, black flats – no, bright colored flats – yes, black ankle strap open-toe heels – no, colored Toms – no, black knee-high boots – no, brown riding boots – don’t want it anymore

I still have a long way to go and things like diamond studs will probably have to wait until our school loans are paid off.  I’m not complaining though.  I’m perfectly happy with wearing cubic zirconia until then.  If I really want to wear diamonds, I can always wear and admire my engagement ring.  For the limited budget I had on clothing in 2013, I think I did pretty well at acquiring needed items and not waste money on stupid stuff that won’t last more than one season.

How’s your grown up wardrobe building process going?  Is there something I should add to my list?


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