1 Year Blogoversary

I can’t believe it.  It’s been a year since I started my humble blog and it’s been one year since I decided to buckle down and tackle my debt and be an adult about my money.  There were times when I was discouraged due to the lack of commitment I had for my money plan and my blog.  There were times when I wanted to quit writing on my blog since I felt like no one was reading it and cared for it.  But there were also times I felt incredibly grateful for the few readers that encouraged me.  There were times when I felt accomplished and really satisfied looking at the numbers changing in my finances and just an overall change I see in my life.

Now that I’m looking back at the one year life of my blog, I’m glad I stuck to it.  This was my driving force in pushing through with my efforts to clean up my financial life and life in general to achieve that.  I met a few friends through this too.  I’m not sure if they think I’m their friend, but I don’t care.  I feel a sense of belonging.  Granted it’s a small circle, but size doesn’t really matter, right?

So I thought I’d mention top 3 of my most popular posts for those of you who missed them.  Other than the About and Debt Status pages, my most viewed post was Wedding Dress and Cake.  I’m one of those people who is automatically drawn to anything wedding related.  I guess there are others who are like me in that respect.  My fascination with weddings started when I was planning for my own, but it never died.  I still love looking at wedding blogs and reading about people’s wedding planning journey.  I actually want another wedding for myself, but with the same guy of course~^^

Number 2 on my list is How Much Do You Budget For Gifts?  People must have similar problem as me in trying to figure out what and how much to include in gift budget if at all.  I did get better since then, but certain things just come up without a warning and all you can do is to deal with it the best way you can by either saying no or be super frugal.

Number 3 on my list is Do You Have Misc. Category In Your Budget?  Budget category seems to the topic many people liked on my blog.  I think most of the commenters said they don’t have misc. budget.  I got better at anticipating expenses and staying under budget, so this sort of became a non-issue for me.

Well thanks for following me on my journey for the past year and if you’ve just found me, feel free to snoop into my past.  Please continue to follow me and encourage me while I’m trying to get rid of my nasty debt and let’s try to have some fun.  Yay~!!!

What was your favorite post on this blog?


15 thoughts on “1 Year Blogoversary

    • Thanks~ I love your wedding posts as well. I know some people don’t like weddings, but I can’t get enough of it. It’s a celebration, new beginning, becoming one, families coming together, and all the good things. Yes, there’s a lot of stress related to it, but that’s just life.

  1. Happy one year!!! I’m glad I found yours and have yet to snoop into the past. I’ll look at the wedding stuff when I’ve got time! My favorite one so far (since I’m a new reader) is about how nasty the winter’s been in the DMV area. It still isn’t getting much better, grr 😦

  2. Woo hoo, Happy Anniversary, my friend!! It’s been so great getting to know you this past year. 🙂 I’m drawn to your family posts, to be honest – you seem really close to them, and I envy how giving you are towards them! Here’s to another great year(s) for you! 🙂

    • Thank you Anna. I told to before, but you’ve been so helpful in making me feel welcome and supporting me from the very beginning. I owe it to you for your kindness and openness.
      I am trying to be closer to my family. Your perspective, attitude, and behaviors change when something big happens in your life. I was not an expressive person when it comes to feelings before my mom got sick and I’m still not, but I try to show it more and say it more. I already regret my lack of care and mistakes I made before and it can really eat away at you. I’m trying to lessen that burden on me for the future. No matter how many good things you do for your mom, you kind of only think of all the things you didn’t do for her. Well, maybe that’s just me. I don’t know if I’m just rambling, but hope you understand what I’m trying to say.

      • Awww, I’ve been so emo lately that I totally cried at your note!! Thank you for your kind words! That is *so* interesting because I’ve been having the same exact feelings with my paternal side, as well – the guilt gnaws at me for all the things that I haven’t or didn’t do (or when I second guess if I should have done more), and it’s tough to handle. BUT, know (for both me and you), that I truly feel that we do the best that we can, and in regard to your mom, I think you’re an incredibly kind and caring daughter. I think of her a lot, and during the prayer for others at our wedding, she will be on my mind. Happy Valentine’s Day, my friend! xo

    • Thank you so much~ You know I’m a huge face of your blog. You’re so witty, funny, honest, and gutsy. You have your own way of doing things and I like that about you. You are an independent thinker and I admire you.

    • Thank you~
      I think for me, not quitting was hard for me. Since I’m doing this as a hobby not as a side or full time job, it was a little hard for me to stay motivated and continue. I do enjoy writing posts and communicating with other bloggers, but sometimes I get lazy. But I’m glad I stuck with it. I think it’ll get easier from now on.

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