January Numbers

It’s been a lazy and hazy past 7 days.  It started with a huge snow storm in the middle of last week, which caused me to stay home Thursday and Friday.  My car was completely plowed in even though my hubby tried to clean it on Thursday, I still couldn’t get it out on Friday with more snow the night before and plow trucks basically trapping my car with snow.  Those 2 days were spent absolutely uselessly.  I didn’t blog, I didn’t read, I didn’t clean, and I didn’t even sleep.  I watched TV and Netflix all day my back just stuck to my sofa.  I ended up with a backache by Sunday.  Then a new week started and there was much catching up to for work and the house, so I’m just getting to my posting today.

I was trying to compare my budget from 2012 and 2013 in this post and because I didn’t keep track of all my spending monthly, I had to average it, round it, and guess it to come up with some random numbers.  So for this year, I decided to post those same categories monthly to better keep track of my progress.  I know February’s almost over it is super late, but I do have a good excuse.  My bank merged with another bank, so the bank statement wasn’t available right away.

Let me say it up front before I reveal my numbers that January doesn’t look so good.  My hubby’s cousin visited in January and I posted here about what we spent, so that increased the numbers quite a bit.  We also purchased a casino night tickets for 2 for $176.24, which is this Saturday.  It’s hosted by my hubby’s school and bunch of his school buddies and their spouses are coming.  Hubby needed some fun to help him go through this tough year without a vacation.  We’re both really looking forward to it.  We also purchased a Groupon deal for $103.05.  It’s a one night hotel accommodation at Atlantic City.  It’ll be a very short trip, but we did this before and we had a great time.  This is coming up in March and I am trying to put aside a little money for toll fee, food, and gambling money (no more than $100).

So here are the numbers:

Eat out total                       $636.89/Budget $200                      FAIL
Gas total                              $215.91/Budget $300                      PASS
Grocery total                     $324.49/Budget $400                      PASS
Misc/shopping total       $673.50/Budget $200                      FAIL

These are way~~~ over what I wanted to spend each month.  We went over by $750.79 in total.  Since we haven’t had any guests and I don’t think we went out much in February, the numbers should look much better.

How is 2014 going for you so far in terms of new budget and new financial goal?


3 thoughts on “January Numbers

  1. My budget ended up being great in January, carrying over the momentum that I had started in December. I don’t plan on changing any spending categories but my income has increased which should help a bit.

    I know that I ended up spending more money in general this month though, and I had to deal with a laptop dieing on me. February’s budget isn’t going to look as hot 😦 And with a vacation planned in March, I think I may bust on my budget for two month’s in a row! All I can do is try to cut out any unnecessary spending going forward.

    • I did carry over the momentum from December. But unfortunately it was a spending momentum. I’m curious to add all the numbers for February. It should be much lower.
      Vacation in March sounds wonderful~ Have a great trip and hopefully your budget won’t be busted that much.

  2. The gas/grocery comparisons look good, though, especially if those are more ‘static’ while eating out/shopping are anomalies? I do understand that we should still count for anomalies, though, but it will be interesting to see what February looks like when it’s more “normal.” 🙂

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