February Spending

Since I’m late at posting my updates or recaps and now that it’s mid-March, it must mean it’s time for February recap.  As I predicted, the numbers for February look much tamer than January.  I mean I shouldn’t even be comparing February numbers to January since January was a crazy spending month.  Aside from being more conscious about our spending, February was a short month and we had a few snowstorms which forced us to stay home.  This gave us less chance to go out and buy useless crap while cooking at home.  We ended up binge watching so much stuff on Netflix and TV in general that we didn’t even think about ordering stuff online.  So to the actual recap…

Eat out total                       $162.26/Budget $200                      PASS
Gas total                              $173.27/Budget $300                      PASS
Grocery total                     $314.50/Budget $400                      PASS
Misc/shopping total        $234.31/Budget $200                      FAIL

We passed all except the misc/shopping category.  But I’m not going to consider this a fail since the overall actual total amount is under the overall total budget amount.  Sadly, I know we already went over in the same failed category in March buying some skincare products.  Plus my brother’s birthday is coming up in a couple of weeks and that’s another unusually large expense.  Although his birthday present was already budgeted separately so that will not be counted against our monthly budget.  I’m pretty happy with February result and we’ll see how March total will end up looking soon.  I really should get better at recapping things on time.  I apologize if anybody’s annoyed by my laziness~^^

How are you doing with your spending so far in 2014?  If you went over, what specific item or categroy made you go over?


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