New Position and Tax Refund

Hi friends~ If there are any left since I haven’t been blogging at all for a few weeks now. This procrastination started with updating my resume and applying for a new position in a new team within the same company. I got the job after the interview and I’m in the new team training right now. I was putting my blog off for a few days initially, but the few days turned out to be few weeks.

I’m really excited about my new position and although I really like my old boss, I just needed a new challenge. It’s funny how I started hanging out with my old boss outside of work right when the transition started. That does tie into my financial life since I started to go out more than before. I’ve been bad the last few weeks with spending. I’ve ordered bunch of stuff from Sephora and Ulta. I’ve gone out to a few happy hour gatherings and eating out with my hubby on the weekend. I’m trying to close the gap by purchasing a cheaper phone to replace my old Iphone before it gives me the red screen of death. I initially was going to spend $350 on a Note 3, but I think I’m going to get S5 and spend $200 instead. That $150 can close the gap of my overspending that I did during the time I stayed away from this blog.

One good news is that we can pay for my hubby’s Summer tuition with cash. Woop woop~ Unlike last year when we paid a couple of grand for taxes, we are getting back couple of grand as tax refund this year. So that will all go toward his Summer tuition and we already have around $6,000 saved for upcoming tuition. $2000 + $6000 = $8000. We’re a little short for now, but we can definitely save another $1,000 in a month or so to have enough to pay for all 3 Summer sessions. Yay~ I’m so relieved and excited about that. We do have to borrow more for his final term in the Fall, but we will continue to save to decrease the amount we’ll have to borrow.

Our total debt amount is still overwhelming, but the fact that we were able to pay some semester tuitions with cash and keep the MBA loan to minimum is making me extremely proud. Although I’m using the term “minimum” very loosely since 5 figure loan amount is not a small change. Next month, my undergraduate loan will be below $10,000.00 and my car will be paid off in October. These little milestones are really important to me since they make me believe that my goal of being debt free will be achieved some day and they make me feel good about myself. They seem like baby steps, but compare to where we were last year, I feel like we passed the baby stage and we’re in a toddler stage. Maybe next year, we’ll be entering a pre-teen stage.

I hope everyone is doing well with their debt payment and staying under budget. Any exciting news you want to share with us?