Mid-Year Goals Review

Back in February when I started this blog, I set 3 simple goals for 2013. 1. Save $2,000.00 for emergency fund. 2. Save $5,000.00 toward house down payment. 3. Payoff 3 little loans I have with fedloan, which is around $2,000.00. And I’m changing number 2 to paydown student loan as much as possible and save $1,000.00 toward moving fund.

Couple of weeks ago, I mentioned how my hubby and I don’t know when we’ll buy a house, during or after paying off our loans. So we decided to not keep $5,000.00 and just put that toward moving that we’ll have to do next year and the rest to our student loan payment until we have more solid time frame for our house purchase.

Let’s see how we’re doing so far on each goal.
1. Save $2,000.00 for emergency fund. (On track) We have so far $1,000.00 in emegergency fund. I think we’ll hit $2,000.00 by end of October or early November.

2. Save $1,000.00 for moving and pay down as much student loans as possible. (Need more work) We’ve been paying extra for each student loan payments, but there’s only $100.00 in moving fund so far. Need to work on building that, so we don’t end up using our emgergency fund and in worst case, use our credit card. Yikes!

3. Payoff 3 small fedloan loans around $2,000.00. (On track) Paid off 2 and I’m planning to pay the last one off the next payment cycle. Then I can focus on my Salliemae ones and my hubby’s.

To be honest, I’ve been changing my goals constantly. Just little changes here and there and back and forth. But I decided to leave most of them alone other than the house down payment plan since that’s a pretty definitive answer for now.

How are you guys on your 2013 financial goals so far? Have your goals changed?


9 thoughts on “Mid-Year Goals Review

  1. My goals are pretty transient, as well – I think I’ll still be able to pay off my debt, but my savings will most likely be a wedding fund. I’ll just beef up my savings next year! Sounds like you’re on track, especially with knocking out 2 of the 3 fedloans – feels great to knock down “full ones”! Keep the great job going! 🙂

    • Definitely focus on saving money for your wedding. We’re still paying down the money we borrowed for our wedding. As much as I love my wedding, I hate the wedding debt that I got.

  2. I’ve just found your blog (I’m quite new to the personal finance community) and I’d just like to say well done, it seems you’re doing a great job! I’ve had to alter my debt repayments here and there a couple of times too, but I guess it’s pretty normal, as long as I reach my goal on time I don’t see a problem 😉

    • Welcome~ I hope you gain a lot of knowledge and encouragement through this experience.
      Mine changes all the time and I keep looking at spreadsheet to see what I can change to make it better~^^

  3. Michelle doesn’t it seem like half the year just flew by? You have accomplished so much keep up the great work. Here’s to an even better second half of the year! My goals are going well and I keep adding things to the list. Make me focus and I really like the feeling of having things I need to accomplish.

    • It did fly by. Doesn’t it always? I hope all of us do well and reach our goals.
      I change my goals all the time, but try not to add too much. I know myself and if I put too much on my plate, I’m going to get overwhelmed and stress out too much.

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